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    Pressure Washing Pumps

    Pressure Washing



    Water conservation- Requires less water for cleaning

    Automatic operation

    Fitted with soap bottle/tank

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Buy Pressure Washing Pumps Online In India 

Pressure washing pumps from Crompton are the perfect fit for quickly cleaning your car and removing impossible stains on your tiles.

How Do Pressure Washing Pumps Work?

Pressure washing pumps consist of a water inlet, a motor, a pump, a high-pressure hose and an attachment/water outlet. Water is pumped through the water inlet by the pump, which is powered by the motor. The water while being pumped is mixed with detergent to ensure you get clean looking surfaces in no time!

As the water mixes with the detergent, the temperature also rises to cause the formation of a frothy solution. Now, this solution travels through the outlet pipe at very high pressures (100-200 times the pressure of the air outside) due to the pump. Depending on the use, the outlet/extension will differ to suit the needs.

The combined effect of the high-pressure release and the detergent solution causes the breakdown and fast removal of all kinds of stains and dirt on any surface.

Features & Specifications Of Car Pressure Washing Pumps 

Crompton’s pressure washing pumps come with a wide range of features. Crompton pumps are well designed, easy to use, state-of-the-art, reliable and long-lasting devices to ensure high-quality performance.

Pressure washing pumps at Crompton are compact and steady, making them easy to use and transport since they are so portable. They are designed to have automated operations. Making them automated helps to uniformly clean without going through multiple gauges and valve settings, making them easy to use.

Pressure washing pumps at Crompton are mindfully innovated to be water-efficient and power-efficient. These pumps are perfect as car wash pressure pumps. They are designed to have a discharge that is suited to be a high-pressure pump for car washing.

You need to know the specifications of the Crompton pump before you buy one. These include the power, supply phase, head range, and discharge range.

The KW/Hp determines the power of your pump. The Crompton pressure washing pump gives you power in the range of 1.4-1.85 kW/HP. These pumps are single-phase and are used for powering small appliances.

The higher the head range, the greater the vertical distance to the discharge point. Crompton pressure washing pumps have a head range of about 70m.

The discharge range determines the maximum height to which the water can be pumped. Crompton pressure washing pumps have a discharge range of 6.8 LPM. The pressure washing pumps at Crompton are built for high demand work and also comes with a 12-month warranty.