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    Can Handle Max. Liquid Temperature Upto 120 Degree Centigrade

    Cast iron parts coated with anti rust CED coating

    High Efficient Pump

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Multistage pumps have many applications in domestic as well as commercial sectors. These applications include water supply, high-pressure shower system, boiler feedwater industrial pressure boosting, liquid transfer, water treatment, construction, irrigation and small power plants. While multistage pumps come in variations including vertical and horizontal, each has its own special use.

Crompton multistage pumps come with a variety of features and specification suited for numerous functions. These state-of-the-art, innovative multistage pumps are sure to provide excellent service!

How Does Multistage Pump Work?

It is a high-efficiency pump which has two or more impellers. These impellers are mounted on the same or different shafts, but in a multistage centrifugal pump, they are stacked on the same shaft.

In this pump, the fluid flows inside through an inlet and towards the impeller operated by a motor or an engine. The impeller’s rotation is instrumental in creating a centrifugal force that pushes the fluid to the outer tip of the impeller vane and into the stage diffuser.

The diffuser directs the fluid to the eye of the next impeller, and this process is repeated until it passes through every stage and is ultimately passed through a final diffuser and into the pump discharge. The discharge pressure increases with every step the fluid passes through.

Difference Between a Single Stage and a Multistage Pump

Multistage pumps are generally used in situations where high-pressure is needed and cannot be achieved by single-stage pumps of the same size.

The presence of multiple impellers aids the increase in discharge pressure for multistage pumps. Unlike them, single-stage pumps only depend on their single impeller for transferring energy to the liquid, which means the resultant force is much lower.

Moreover, multistage pumps are also more energy-efficient compared to a single-stage pump. They have several advantages over the latter when it comes to pumping non-abrasive liquid which does not contain any solids or fibrous materials.

Features and Specifications of Multistage Pumps

A Multistage centrifugal pump from Crompton is reliable and service-friendly. They are space-saving along with being energy efficient. The body of this pump is made of anti-corrosive stainless steel while the cast iron parts are coated with an anti-rust CED coating. It is a high-efficiency pump.

Based on the model, a Crompton multistage pump will have power ranging between 0.5-1.5 KW or 0.75-2 HP to give you the best output. Its pipe size is 32×32 mm and can have between 9 to 23 stages.

While the head range can vary between 25 metres to 133 metres, the discharge range is limited between 0.5-4m3/hr. The Crompton multistage pump price ranges from INR 21,800-22,000/-.