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  • AC Motor Agricultural Solar Pump
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    AC Motor Agricultural Solar Pump

    Agricultural Application



    Pure SS304 Stainless Steel construction

    Highly reliable & long operating life

    Easy Installation in remote places

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Buy Agricultural Application Pumps Online In India 

The innovative and state-of-the-art pump for Agricultural Application from Crompton is the best solution for all your irrigation needs throughout the year. Get a regular supply of water with this pump that runs on solar power.

Crompton Agriculture Application Pumps Specification 

There is a wide range of specifications for the Solar Pumps from Crompton that you should know about before deciding to buy one. These include power, supply phase, pipe size, no of stages, MNRE regulations, head range, discharge range and warranty.

The power range of the solar-powered water pump varies from 1 to 10 kW or Hp. The higher the kW or Kilowatt or Horsepower of a pump. Additionally, these are 3-phase pumps that are usually used in agricultural applications that need medium-high power. The greater the pipe size, the lower is the pressure and less power is needed to pump the fluid.

The flow rate of water goes up with the diameter of the pipe. The flow rates also depend on the number of stages in a pump. These pumps are multi-stage with a higher number of impellers making the pumping of water more efficient.

MNRE refers to the specifications given by the Ministry of New and Renewable energy for a pump that runs on solar energy. Before deciding on a pump make sure that they comply with the regulations set.

The head range is essential since water needs to be pumped to a higher location and the higher the head range, the greater the vertical distance from the pump to the discharge point. The head range in a pump is the limit beyond which water can’t be pushed.

Discharge range refers to the discharging capacity of your pump and varies according to the pump you choose. If you want the water to be pumped at a greater force, choose a higher discharge range. All Solar Pumps from Crompton come with a warranty of 12 months.

Features of Agriculture Application Pumps 

The solar-powered water pump from Crompton has some fantastic features like stainless steel construction, cost savings and easy installation.

The stainless steel body of the pump makes it durable, and it can withstand the most challenging operating conditions that you find in remote areas. It also ensures that the pump is corrosion resistant and it remains rust and damage-free.

You save on costs when you invest in Solar Pumps from Crompton. Not only do these pumps give you superior performance due to the latest technology but they are also highly reliable and have a long operating life. This means you don’t need to spend on repairs and maintenance, frequently leading to lower operating expenses.

Installing a pump in remote places is a challenge but with the Crompton agricultural application pump installation anywhere is easy owing to its compact size.