Residential Centrifugal Pumps

A residential centrifugal pump is ideal for pumping application that requires high suction in a vertical depth ranging up to 25 feet from the well. A deep well pump consists of two essential parts, a diffuser, and an impeller. If the pump consists of more than one diffuser and impeller along with a jet ejector then it is termed a centrifugal jet pump. These centrifugal jet pumps are installed above the ground with the help of a suction pipe. It is commonly used in deep wells to pump greater volumes of water from the well. To create a high-pressure stream of water that lifts water from the well and moves it to the surface, the jet pumps use a series of pipes and nozzles. The jet pump for borewells is often used to pump the water from the ground, rivers, or lakes and it is considered as the perfect jet pump for moving water efficiently and quickly.

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  • Centrifugal Deep well jet pumps in India.
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    Centrifugal Deep Well Jet Pumps

    Residential Centrifugal Pumps



    No moving parts inside the borewell

    High Grade Electrical Stamping CRNGO-M47 for higher efficiency

    Suitable for wide voltage operation

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  • Check the centrifugal shallow well jet pumps in India.
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    Centrifugal Shallow Well Jet Pumps

    Residential Centrifugal Pumps



    High water pulling capacity

    Low power consumption which results in energy saving

    Operates at wide voltage levels

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What is a Centrifugal Jet Pump?

A centrifugal jet pump is used to pump the liquids and is designed to move the fluid from one place to another with the help of pipes. Water jet pumps are commonly used in residential settings in order to pump water from the well and these pumps are installed above the ground and are typically non-submersible. The jet pumps are also used in commercial settings such as in restaurants to pump water from a resource to a sink.

The other common application of a centrifugal jet pump includes residential irrigation, commercial uses, and supplying water for sprinkler irrigation. In the areas of high water tables, jet pumps are more popular. The jet pumps for borewells come in two different variations: deep well and shallow well. The application of these pumps is dependent on the depth of your well.

How does a Centrifugal Jet Pump work?

A centrifugal jet pump requires more suction capacity and the pump gets the capacity from the jet ejector. The jet ejector primarily consists of two major components i.e., a nozzle and a venturi. The velocity of the pump increases as the water passes through the jet at the same time the pressure decreases. The speed of the water is high and there is a low pressure around the nozzle tips which causes a suctioning effect to develop around the nozzle. 

With the help of the ejector, a small amount of suctioned water is recirculated while the rest of the water goes into the pressure tank. The suction is increased considerably as the ejector is located on the suction side. This mechanism helps the residential centrifugal jet pumps to enhance their performance and efficiency. The jet centrifugal pump consists of three major components: a centrifugal pump, a jet ejector package, and a foot valve. Based on the size and application there are four different types of jet pumps: deep well, shallow well, miniature jet pumps, and convertible jet pumps.

Difference between Deep wells & Shallow Well Pumps

Deep-well jet pumps are used in high-volume applications such as oil wells that are in-depth from 800-15,000 ft. The ejector of these jet pumps is put down the well. Deep well pumps are also referred to as convertible jet pumps which means the pump can be used in both deep wells and shallow wells. These jet pumps have the capability to move larger volumes of water over longer distances more quickly and efficiently than the shallow well pumps.

A shallow well jet pump is powered by an electric motor that drives an impeller or a centrifugal water pump. These well pumps use water for the suction of additional water hence they need to be filled with water to function smoothly. A shallow well pump is used in the applications where the pump is placed close to the surface like the residential pumps. The ejectors of these pumps are fixed to the nose of the pump. They are used to transport water from the wells which are at a depth of 25 feet. A single pipe indicates a shallow well pump while two pipes indicate a deep well pump.

Features and Specifications of Residential Centrifugal Pump

Before you buy the best residential centrifugal pump for any of the requirements, you must look for the features which make the pumps highly efficient and durable. Cromptons jet pump for borewell provides you with superior performance. Let us look at the features and specifications of the residential centrifugal pumps:

1. Crompton’s jet pumps for borewells are easy and convenient to install and it also requires minimal maintenance. It comes with a high-grade stamping so that it can be utilized for higher efficiency. 

2. These pumps are suitable for wide voltage operation and it has no moving parts in the borewell. The jet pump is specifically designed with a cast iron valve. 

3. It is designed specifically in a way that it can function effectively in a deep well with a high suction capacity. 

4. The shallow well pump has lower power consumption which ultimately helps in saving energy. Due to its various unique features, it is easy to install and maintain. 

5. It is made cost-effective and it comes at an affordable jet pump price of up to 6000/ and it promises to give the desired result for strong water suction. 

6. The centrifugal shallow jet pumps have a higher capacity for pulling water and they can also operate at high voltage levels like 180-260 Volts.


Q1. Which brand of water jet motor pump is the best?

Crompton is one of the best brands of water jet motor pumps. 

Q2. Which pump is best, a jet pump or a submersible pump?

Though jet pumps can manage to handle depths of hundreds of feet, the submersible pumps are typically more effective at greater depths.

Q3. What’s the difference between a monoblock pump and a jet pump?

A monoblock pump has a single discharge point while on the other hand, the jet pump has multiple discharge points. 

Q4. What is the difference between a water jet pump and an engine?

A water jet pump is primarily used to draw water from a source through the pipe to provide water or domestic water pressure to the cottages, households, and irrigation systems. 

Q5. What is a shallow well pump?

A shallow well pump is used for the water suction powered by an electric motor that drives the centrifugal pump or an impeller.