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    Control Panel



    Digital Display for current and Voltage

    MCB for Overload & short circuit protection

    ON/OFF indicator along with ON/OFF switch

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Buy Pumps Control Panel Online In India

The innovative and state-of-the-art Control panels from Crompton regulates the electric motor that powers domestic pumps. These panels ensure the superior performance of your pump!

Features & Specification Of Control Panels For Pumps

Crompton panels come with some fantastic features and a wide range of specifications. The features you get are digital display, pump protection, 2-pole contractor, indicator switch and sheet metal box.

The control panel has a digital display for your convenience. You can see the current and the voltage being supplied at any particular point. All domestic pumps have a voltage range and the current being provided should be within that range to ensure it doesn’t lead to an electrical overload.

The control panels are at risk of damage due to overload and short circuits when there is a massive electricity fault. The MCB protects the panels from these risks and ensures that your pumps last longer.

There are temperature sensors that protect the pump or motor when the temperatures cross the desired levels. Along with that, there are level sensors that ensure that your pump does not run dry and flow sensors to check if there is any movement of fluid in your pump.

By checking the sensors, you can take immediate action and correct any problems with the water supply or other issues before it causes lasting damage.

The 2-pole contactor in these single-phase panels is a relay that switches the electrical circuits on or off. They are used for heavy loads like electrical motors, lighting or heating equipment. The Crompton agriculture pump requires Kw/Hp power for a wide range and these panels regulate the amount of power being supplied to the pump.

To ensure that you can operate the panel smoothly, it has an ON/OFF indicator and switch. Your pump is operated by an electrical motor, and the electrical input of the motor is regulated by the panel.

With control panels, a small or sizeable fixed speed in the flow of electricity can be achieved. These panels can control one or more pumps. The rugged sheet metal box prolongs the life of these panels which ensures you get optimal performance while spending less on maintenance.

Before you buy these panels, you should know their specifications. These include category reference, power (kW and HP) and supply phase.

Each panel has a different power level measure in Kw or kilowatt and HP or Horsepower. The higher the power in Kilowatts, the higher the horsepower. If you need more power for your pumps, then go for control panels with a higher power. The range varies from 0.5 Hp to 3 HP.

The pump control panel price varies between INR 1,500-2,000/- making them very reasonable considering the benefits you get.