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    Star Spot 2W spot lights

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    MRP 250.00

    Ultra Slim Spot-lights

    Superior heat sink design for better heat dissipation

    Lower power consumption

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    MRP 149.00

    Increased savings with low power consumption.

    No mercury for an eco-friendly & safe product.

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Buy Ceiling LED Spotlights Online in India

Lighting is an essential part of any house. Adequate and tasteful lighting adds to the aesthetics of a place significantly. Amongst all the lighting arrangements in a house, LED spotlights occupy a very small yet special place. Crompton’s spotlights for the home promise to deliver superior performance with a minimal and pleasing design which helps you get the best possible lighting for you home! 

What are LED Spotlights?

LED spotlights are meant to complement the décor of your home. Investing in these LED lights helps you elevate the charm quotient of any room within minutes! The LED bulb found inside is available in a variety of colours and beam angles. 

Wide beams and warm-coloured spotlights for home are ideal choices for soothing, ambient lighting whereas narrow beams with cooler coloured LED Spotlights are designed to highlight specific home décor or areas in a room. The ergonomically designed LED bulb satisfies all your lighting requirements while remaining energy-efficient and consuming less power as compared to its alternatives.

Features and Benefits of Crompton LED Spotlights

Crompton understands the role of lighting in the upliftment of the overall ambience of your house. Crompton LED spotlight comes in five magnificent colours- Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and White to suit your every mood. The multi-coloured LED Spotlights can be installed on the ceiling or a wall according to your taste of home décor. 

The spotlights for home are finished in a white moulded ring that further enhances the beauty of the exquisite pieces. The honeycomb lens of the spotlights provides adequate light distribution as well. 

The Crompton LED spotlight is designed with world-class materials and comes with a two years warranty. You are advised not to be misguided by its ultra-small dimension as a few of these LED spotlights are enough to make your whole house light up without taking up a lot of space!

Use of LED Spotlights

Adequate lighting is essential for every house and LED Spotlights allow you to get the best possible lighting in every corner of your home. Crompton LED spotlights will help you enhance the look of your living room, dressing room area and more. You can use these lights to bring attention to your favourite paintings or art pieces around the house as well. The multi-colour option of the LED bulb helps you set the right mood for every occasion!

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Star Spot 2W spot lights ₹ 250.00
SpotEco ₹ 149.00