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    Twist Lamp

    Twist Lamp



    180 degree rotational movement

    70 degree swivel movement

    Diffuser for glare free distribution

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Buy Twist Lamp Online in India

The Twist lamp is a high-quality lighting product offered by Crompton that takes care of your unique lighting needs! Twist the bulb in any direction to get superior lighting wherever you need it. Long-lasting and durable, these lamps come at an affordable and attractive price range. 

Twist Lamp Specification

Before you order these Crompton lamps, you must know what your requirements are. Is your light socket the right size for these lamps? Do you require a sharp and bright light or a soft light? 

The base cap is the metallic portion of any bulb, and this is the one that fits into a light socket. When you order this LED lamp, you need to note the size of the base cap so that there are no problems while fitting the bulb into the socket. The base cap size for this lamp is the same for all variants offered by Crompton in this category. 

The size of your room would decide the wattage you require. If you need the lamp for a compact space, then go for a lower wattage. Crompton offers you three choices when it comes to wattage at 10, 14, and 18 watts respectively. For bigger rooms, the 18-watt lamp would be the best choice. 

The brightness of the lamp also depends on the colour temperature and in the case of this category, the colour temperature is the same for all variants.

The lumens in these lamps also affect the brightness it offers. The variants in this category have different lumens. For larger rooms go for the 1800-lumen bulb and in case of smaller rooms, the 1000-lumen bulb will be the best choice.

With these specifications in mind, you can now order your Twist lamp without any worries!

Where Twist Lamps Works Best

If you are looking for an LED lamp bulb that offers you great flexibility and can be turned 180 degrees, then this bulb is the best choice for you. Place these aesthetically-designed bulbs on your walls and move them in any direction you want with the 70-degree swivel movement. 

With the variation of the angle of the bulb, you can get light in different parts of the room, making it extremely convenient for you to work!