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    Anti Bac LED Bulb

    Anti-Bac LED Lamp



    Anti-bacterial lamp that kills 85% germs

    Energy saving

    Contains no UV / IR

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Buy Anti Bac LED Bulbs Online in India

LED bulbs have revolutionalized the way we illuminate our homes. A brighter and more alternative to the incandescent bulbs, LED Bulbs can now be found in homes all across India. With India’s first-ever Anti Bac LED Bulbs, Crompton has introduced an innovative way to light up your homes while killing up to 85% disease-causing germs.

Crompton Anti Bac Led Bulbs Specification

Anti-Bac LED Bulbs offered by Crompton are highly energy-efficient and kills up to 85% germs. Crompton’s Anti-Bac LED Bulbs emits light in the visible range coupled with the specific wavelength that not only provides regular LED light but also kills germs and bacteria. The Anti-Bac LED Bulbs are also available in a range of 501-1000 Lumens and has a wattage range of 6-10. They are also available in the CDL colour temperature which enables you to increase your savings over time without compromising on the brightness offered by the bulbs!

Installation is a major factor when it comes to selecting your light bulbs. Hence, Anti-Bac LED bulbs come with a B22 Base cap that makes it easy to install whenever needed. These stylish, eco-friendly and affordable Anti-Bac LED bulbs are suitable for all budgets, too. The 825 lumens bulb costs INR 180 whereas the 640 lumens variant cost INR 190.

Features of Crompton Anti Bac bulbs

Crompton’s Anti-Bac LED Bulb uses an advance technology called Envirosafe which enables you to get rid of harmful germs and bacteria without the fear of Ultraviolet or Infra-Red radiation. The light is emitted at a specific wavelength which allows it to display disinfectant properties. This makes it safe to use on a daily basis and keep your family away from harm’s way.