5 Star Range Lyor

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    5 Star Range Lyor



    5 Star BEE rating

    270 degree beam Angle

    Sleek shape for better light distribution

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Buy Lyor LED Bulbs Online in India

If you are looking for design and energy saving, go for Lyor by Crompton lighting. This innovation from Crompton instantly makes your room brighter, when compared to incandescent lamp. No more problems with inadequate lighting in any part of your house!

Why Crompton Lyor LED Bulbs Are Quite Effective?

This LED bulb from Crompton has been designed keeping your comfort and convenience in mind. To make sure that you save more on your electricity bills, the Lyor bulb has an energy-saving feature and a 5-star BEE rating. Since five stars are the highest BEE rating for bulbs or any other product, your electricity consumption is sure to be at an all-time low. This is surely one of the best energy-efficient light bulbs you can buy!

An important consideration for any LED bulb is light distribution. This means that all corners of the room will be evenly illuminated with these lights. A bulb that gives you higher light distribution is also more beneficial since it means you save more! 

The sleek shape of these bulbs and the 270 beam angle makes it the right choice for proper light distribution. The wider the beam angle, the better the light is distributed. 

An effective way of choosing bulbs is by considering the size of the room that needs to be illuminated. For this lumens, wattage, and the colour temperature are essential. If you have a bigger room, it is advisable to go with a higher-wattage, higher lumens and colour temperature. 

Lyor Bulbs Specification

You must have knowledge of the type of Lyor bulb you need since they come in different wattage and lumens. 

In case of a Crompton Lyor bulb, the base cap, or the metallic portion of the bulb is the same for all categories, so when you have a light socket installed on your walls ensure that it matches the base cap of this bulb. 

The colour temperature, CDL, is also the same in the Lyor category of Crompton bulbs, so the brightness will not be affected by it. 

There are three different options you can choose from when it comes to specifications. The first option is 6 Watts and 720 Lumens, next is 8 Watts and 960 Lumens, and the third option is 10 Watts and 1200 Lumens. If you want soft lighting go for the 6 Watts and 720 Lumens option and for brighter lighting, choose the 10 Watts and 1200 Lumens option.