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    Robust & Sturdy fixture (Metal Body)

    HPF LED Driver with >0.9

    Wide light distribution

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LED tile is an integral part of modern-day outdoor as well as indoor designing. LED tile lights can significantly add to the aesthetics of any space. Its affordable, low energy consumption and high durability features make these lights a crowd favourite. Invest in these fantastic LED tile lights for your home to get the perfect lighting experience! 

What are LED Tiles?

With adequate LED bulbs attached to a robust and sturdy fixture, LED tile lights provide you with wide light distribution. Crompton LED tile has multiple LED bulbs that have adjustable brightness levels. 

These LED tiles can be used in countless ways. Whether it is in a commercial office or at home, you can always count on these LED tile lights to impress onlookers. Popular corporate buildings and hotel lobbies are also incorporating LED tile lights into their interior designs. 

You can also replace traditional staircase lights with the Crompton LED tiles to wow your guests with its interactive design. Other settings that can be fitted with LED tile lights include gardens, a focal point in garden squares, accents in parks and much more! 

Features and Benefits of Crompton LED Tiles

Crompton LED tile comes in 595×595 mm dimension and a cool day colour option. These highly durable pieces also come with two years’ manufacturing warranty. 

The super high pixel density in these LED tile lights make it possible to get the illumination you desire. These tiles are bright enough to be seen in a well-lit setting like a hall or showroom floor. 

At the same time, Crompton LED tile lights are a great way to create an outdoor video wall as well. These tiles have a very thin bezel that allows you to fix them on to a big floor. They are highly efficient and consume the same energy as other LED lights for home. These LED tiles priced at around INR 2800/-