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Have you recently revamped your house or bought a new one? And are looking to buy unique ceiling fans that go with the interior?  Then you have probably arrived at the right place.  This article provides a list of handpicked stylish ceiling fans that will add more grace to your interior. So read along to find the best suitable fan for you.

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The Designers at Crompton understand the importance of fans in a home’s interior design. Fans have been a part of our household for a long time. And this is not going to change any time soon. That is why Crompton caters to your needs with their unique designs that are an embodiment of luxury, modernity, and evolution. 

Different types of Unique Designer Ceiling fans

India is a country of varied requirements. And you cannot establish a style statement if you use similar ceiling fans for all of them. Therefore, we have curated a list of Designer Ceiling Fans that are a fit for different Indian conditions.

1. Standard Fan:

As the name suggests, this is a traditional ceiling fan that can be spotted in almost every house across the country. The defining feature of this fan is the versatility it has. A standard ceiling fan is available in three/four blades made of wood, MDF, plastic, or metal. These fans are available in different sizes, colors, designs, and styles. Hence, they can be added to any part of your house and blend seamlessly.

2. Hugger/ Low-profile fans

These are flush-mounted ceiling fans that offer more height to your rooms. Unlike standard fans with a downrod (pipe), Hugger fans are affixed to a mounting bracket. Making them ideal for spaces less than 8 feet tall. Although their size doesn’t stop them from making a style statement. Available in various designs and colors, they too can help your room stand apart.

3. Dual motor fans

These fans are known for adding style and quality to an enclosed space. Also known as double-headed fans, they come in unique designs. Making them a center of attraction in any room. One of the most exciting features of these fans is that you can put both blades at different speeds. Moreover, some fans also offer you the option of adjusting the blades horizontally or vertically. Allowing you to control the air circulation of the room to your liking.

4. Fans with light

Ceiling fans with inbuilt light are the most practical choice. And the various designs these fans are available in will make you fall in love with them. They can do everything from Drum Shades to Light Shades and Chandeliers. Imagine having a Fandelier (fan+chandelier) at your home that doesn’t only circulate airflow but also illuminates the dedicated space. When installed at the right place, you can never go wrong with it.

5. Outdoor/ Damp and wet ceiling fans

Mounted in outdoor settings, these fans have excellent resistance against damp/humid conditions. Unlike regular fans, these are forged out of water-resistant materials. And can be installed on lawns, porches, and open decks. These fans come in various colours, styles, and shapes. So that you can choose what fits your needs best.

Features and Specifications

1. Markle Designer fans with Metallic finish – these are a fancy bunch of fans with holographic royal effect at trims. They are one of the most pocket-friendly designer fans and consume only 55-watts of power. Equipped with Anti-dust technology, they can be the best choice for your house.

2. Aura Designer 2D anti-dust fans – if you want power, this fan is for you. With a high speed of 380 RPMs, this beast can circulate the air of vast space and keep the occupants cool. It comes with a 5-year Duratech warranty, making it one of the must-have fans. 

3. Jura designer Modern Ceiling fan – a designer masterpiece that comes with an impeccable marble effect. Its charm is tough to miss. And can add grace to any room you install it in. The fan also comes with wider blades that provide higher and wider air delivery. Its blades and body are made from anti-corrosive aluminum, giving your fan a longer life.

4. Dec’Air Designer 1200mm ceiling fan – an out-and-out embodiment of decorative ceiling fans with decorative gold rims that add to its charm. It has wider blades for higher air delivery and comes with copper wiring for the long life of the machinery.

5. Bruna 3 blade – a designer fan with a great aesthetic design that adds to its grace. And adds the modern appeal of its looks. It has a dual-tone pebble design on its blades and a powerful motor that help in superior air delivery.


Q1. What are some Modern & Unique Ceiling fans?

Some of the most famous Modern and Unique ceiling fans are low-profile fans, fans with light, and dual motor fans.

Q2. Do Ceiling fans add value to your Home?

Ceiling fans are the most valuable addition to your house’s interior. Especially in India, where humid weather makes air circulation essential.

Q3. Which are the best designer fans for home?

Crompton offers a wide range of designer fans starting from Jura designer Modern Ceiling fan, Dec’Air Designer 1200mm ceiling fan, Bruna 3 blade, and many more.

Q4. What is the price for Designer fans?

Crompton designer fans are available at a reasonable price, starting from 3000 and going up to 6000-7000.

*Disclaimer: Prices mentioned on the website are for reference only and may vary from product to product for different specifications or functionality. Prices mentioned are subject to change without prior intimation/notice.