LED Lamps and bulbs


If you are looking for INSTANT SAVING and INSTANT LIGHT, then upgrade instantly to Crompton LED lamps. Crompton’s LED lamps are designed to prov...
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Eco-Deco Lamps

Crompton’s Eco-Deco lamps are 0.5W LED lamps for low level illumination and decorative lighting. These lamps can also be used for making garlands of...
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LYOR LED Lamps and bulbs


CROMPTON’s LYOR LED Lamp are India’s first BEE 5 Star rated energy efficient lamp. These lamps are built in an attractive looking mushroom...
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Anti Bac LED Lamps and bulbs

Anti Bac

CROMPTON’s Anti Bac LED Lamps are India’s first anti bacteria bulbs with no harmful UV/IR radiations. it kills up to 85% germs.
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