Smart Geysers: How do they work and top 5 benefits

An Easy Guide to Smart Water Geysers

  • 16 September

  • 5 Minutes Read

A water heater is an overlooked appliance in most homes. Its presence in our bathrooms may go unnoticed on a daily basis, but its absence can be quite inconvenient.

You may be used to waking up in the morning and switching on the geysers in advance so the water is hot enough before your shower. But what about those few times where you oversleep or forget? Thankfully, with the progress we’ve made in water heater technology, water heaters are now capable of bringing much more ease to our lives.

The best feature of a smart water heater is being able to operate it using your mobile phone. You can schedule your water heating, customize bath modes according to the temperature you want, check how much energy is being consumed on a daily basis, and set a preset timer to make sure your water heater switches on and off at the right times.

What is a Smart Water Geyser?

Traditionally, water geysers have a simple function that heats up water with the use of a heating element. However, smart water geysers offer much more than simple heating. These modern bathroom geysers are able to regulate the temperature of the water according to what you want, provide hot water at a much faster rate, and can also be operated by using your mobile phone through the use of an app. 

How does it work?

Crompton’s smart water heaters are Wifi-enabled. Once the geyser is connected to the wifi, you can download the ‘My Crompton App’ on your smartphone and control the water heater using the app. On the face of the water heater, you will also find a smart digital display of the temperature of the water inside the tank so that you know it has been set according to your needs. 

If you want to connect the water heater to the My Crompton App, you first need to login to your Crompton account on the app. The second step is to switch on the water heater and then go back to the app. You need to select the ‘add manually’ tab and choose ‘water heater’. Next, press the positive and negative buttons on the water heater till the LED ring starts blinking. Once it is found, simply type in your Wifi password, and you will have successfully connected your smart water heater to your Wifi and the ‘My Crompton App’

Reasons why you need a Smart Water Heater

If you’re not using a smart geyser in your home, chances are you are not aware of how much they can help you. Here are a few reasons why smart geysers are slowly becoming essential to homes:

Pre-set Timings for Water Heating

We are sure you have been in the situation where you have woken up one morning and you realise you have forgotten to switch on the water geyser, or you have come back from work and you need to wait for a while before the water is heated. With our smart geyser, you can just set the water heating to a particular time on the ‘My Crompton App’, and you will no longer have to face this situation again.

Smart Energy Management and Less Power Consumption

You would think that your electricity bills would spike up because of a smart geyser, however, with Crompton’s ‘standby cutoff’ feature, your water heater will consume less energy without compromising on the quality that it is delivering. This is because it consumes less than 1 watt of energy even if it is left on for seven to eight hours a day. You can also keep track of the energy usage with the dashboard on the ‘My Crompton App’, which gives you an approximate of the energy consumption. We also have a 5-star energy saving rating which ensures high heat retention with lower electricity bills. 

Temperature Control 

The best feature of a smart water heater is its ability to control the temperature according to your needs. Some smart geysers are equipped with a knob on the body of the geyser where you can set the temperature accordingly with the knob. With Crompton’s water heater you will be able to set the temperature on the smartphone app, or according to certain bath modes such as ‘Hot Spring Mode’, ‘Comfort Mode’ and ‘Hygiene Mode’. 


Smart geysers also provide a higher level of safety because of its ability to regulate the temperature. You can control the temperature and prevent it from becoming burning hot which is unsafe for your skin. Some geysers are also equipped with an alert system that notifies you every time there is a leak or a small malfunction.

Control on MyCrompton app

Smart water heaters are also equipped with sophisticated remote control. You can operate your smart water hearer even without getting out of your bed.

Why choose Crompton’s Smart Water Heater?

Crompton’s Solarium Qube plus water heater offers a powerful heating element along with a smart shield for corrosion protection giving you clear hot water every time you bathe. In addition, our smart water heater has an advanced 3 level safety facility that makes sure all the parameters are in check to protect you against any electric shocks or other malfunctions. We also assure you high-quality durability with Nano Polybond technology which ensures excellent resistance to oxidation even in high temperatures.  

With customised temperature control and scheduled water heating timings, smart water heaters are slowly becoming the new normal for urban homes. Crompton’s water heater is also equipped with a rust-proof square body, which prevents the geyser from getting damaged due to the effects of hard water. Take your first step towards creating a comfortable bathing experience every day by investing in a Crompton water heater.

If you wish to learn more about water heaters, or want to buy the right geyser, let us help you!