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Meeting Agricultural Needs With Centrifugal Monoset Water Pump

  • 30 January

Centrifugal Water Pumps in monsoon - Crompton Centrifugal Water Pumps in monsoon - Crompton

Agriculture is one of the biggest economic sectors of India and within agriculture, irrigation holds high importance. Farmers look at a lot of options when deciding the best way forward for irrigating large areas of land. To ensure a consistent and regular supply of water, pumps are used in irrigation. 

There are multiple choices available in the market when it comes to agriculture pumps. These agriculture pumps are of many different types and come with various features as the irrigation needs also vary depending on a lot of factors including the source of water, power available, and the placement of the pump. For example, an open well submersible pump is suitable if you can keep the pump submerged in the water and don’t need it to be readily accessible but if access is important to you along with a higher power flow, a centrifugal pump would work better for your water supply needs.

Centrifugal pumps, more specifically, centrifugal monoset pumps, are one of the most popular agriculture pumps used today. Let’s tell you why. 

What Are Centrifugal Monoset Water Pumps?

Centrifugal pumps turn the centrifugal force from the rotational kinetic energy of the motor into hydrodynamic energy that flows water with pressure. Centrifugal pumps are relatively simple pumps but they are known for providing a consistent and strong flow of water. Monoset or monoblock pumps are pumps where the main mover (motor) and the pump is assembled together in a single frame with the shaft including the rotating parts. This type of design helps reduce any transmission losses or leakage during pumping. 

Centrifugal monoset pumps are centrifugal pumps with a monoset design. Crompton’s centrifugal monoset water pump comes with a high-quality mechanical seal for improved durability. These centrifugal pumps come in single and three-phase and can operate within a wide voltage band. They also have a high-grade electrical stamping (CRNGO-M47) for higher efficiency. 

Why Are Centrifugal Monoset Water Pumps Are Used In Agriculture? 

Now that you know what centrifugal monoset water pumps are and the features that it comes with, let’s talk about what makes them great for agricultural purposes. The type of water used for irrigation by farmers is typically fresh water and in general, there is no need for heavy-duty pumps that can withstand corrosive liquids or liquids mixed with solids. Simple constructions like a centrifugal pump can handle fresh water easily. 

For irrigation, you also need a water supply with steady pressure in addition to being consistent. This is precisely what centrifugal monoset pumps offer. As agriculture is done in rural areas where there may be electricity issues, voltage fluctuations can be a common problem and that’s why Crompton’s centrifugal monoset pumps work in a wide band of voltage so the pump doesn’t get damaged. As mentioned previously, these pumps are also very efficient, so they provide better performance while not consuming too much power and hence, saving money in electricity costs.  


Centrifugal monoset water pumps are great for the irrigation needs in agriculture. These sturdy and small-sized pumps pack a lot of power while not being too expensive to buy and set up. Crompton offers a wide range of centrifugal monoset pumps in terms of specifications like power, pipe size, head range, and discharge range. Before you decide on an agriculture pump to buy, be sure to check out these specifications so it matches your water supply needs. Crompton’s centrifugal monoset pumps come with a 12-month warranty and are ISI-marked with the prices starting at just INR 4,100.00.  

You can find out more about Crompton’s centrifugal monoset agricultural water pump and compare the specifications here