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Here’s How Residential Pumps Make Water Supply Efficient

  • 13 November

Learn how residential water pump makes water supply efficient Learn how residential water pump makes water supply efficient

With an increase in constant urbanization, there is also a substantial rise in the height of the residential complexes. This has put a spotlight on the energy required for pumping water daily. To cut down on the high amount of electricity bills, energy-efficient water pumps need to be introduced.

This is where residential water pumps come into the picture! Looking at the ever-increasing demand for water, it has become a necessity to have a direct water source. A residential water pump enables well-drilled water to be directly delivered to your households. Instead of being a task, the process becomes easier than expected. 


Advantages of Residential Pumps

Who doesn’t like uninterrupted and a seamless flow of water? We need water for multiple reasons every day in our households. There are times when the water sources are interrupted and that can hamper your routine. By using an effective residential pump, water flows directly from the ground supply to your faucets. Given below are the various benefits of a Residential Pump: 


1. Clean Water Supplied

The water drilled is safe and clean to drink and generally does not need additional purifiers. Still, the use of simple water purifiers can further disinfect the supply of water. It is also likely to be free of pathogenic bacteria. These pumps can be made with booster systems or multiple pumps to keep the water clean and hygienic. They are generally made of cast iron, aluminium, bronze or plastic. Their working condition is usually sanitized, resilient and primed, which is durable for long life cycles.


2. Economical

Found mainly in proximity to rural communities, these pumps are more cost-efficient and easy on the pocket. This also indicates a lower energy bill if used effectively. You need to consider the power supply in HP or KW, range of discharge and head, the pump type, supply phase, number of stages and the size of the pipe. It can be used for household activities, small farm irrigation or overhead tanks.


3. Creates Natural Storage

A natural storage system is created at the point of intake within the water-bearing stratum. These storage systems are an integral part of many household water systems wherein thousands of gallons of water can be stored. These tanks have UV inhibitors that avert sunlight from generating algae and bacterial growth within the tank. 


4. Accessibility and Convenience

Residential water pumps are of paramount importance which caters to the needs of the people dwelling in residential areas. They are used when high volumes of water need to be delivered to overhead tanks in homes. They are ideal for providing reservoir water to your home and creating water pressure systems for small farming. Residential water pumps have an inbuilt mechanism for controlling pump motors that are required to operate mechanical pumps. They also provide a running supply to faucets and showers while circulating fluids in a loop.


5. Technologically updated like Borewell submersible pumps

One of the best options which is entirely submerged in water with an air-tight sealing is a Borewell submersible pump which is commonly used in residential areas. This provides continuous water supply through the open well submersible pump which can be efficiently used for gardening and small level irrigation. These are the new leaders in the field of water pumps. They don’t need any priming and are more efficient because instead of using energy to pump water, the pressure itself moves the water into the pump. These submersible pumps can handle the fluctuation of voltage and can deliver water even at lower voltages and are generally rust-free.


Best Features of Crompton Residential Pumps:

Crompton has a wide range of residential water pumps, and some of its best features are explained below: 


(i) Wide Choice

Crompton offers you a plethora of choices such as premium pumps like New Aqua Gold, Mini Pacific, Mini Master plus and Pressure booster with unique features such as CED – Cathodic Electro Deposition coating, higher performance and brass inserts.


(ii) Reliable Specifications

Some pumps come with a two-year warranty. Crompton’s pumps work with great precision, are durable, reliable and energy-efficient pump solutions. They also reduce electricity bills and require lower maintenance.


(iii) Subcategories

The borewell pumps have special features like high-grade electrical stamping, longer life, easy maintenance, specially designed thrust bearing, motor pre-filled with coolant and higher performance. The self-priming pump has a brass impeller for a durable life. The inline circulation pump has automatic on and off operation which operates silently with noise less than 55 decibels.


(iv) Energy-efficient And Durable

High-grade electrical stamping facilitates higher efficiency and lower electrical losses. The motor being pre-filled with coolant regulates the temperature of the pump. The simple construction of these residential water pumps repairs easy and lowers maintenance costs. The durability is extended with rust-free stainless steel construction and a high-quality mechanical seal. 


(v) Efficiency In Operation

Lower friction losses ensure high performance and these residential pumps are convenient to install and operate. Crompton pumps give you higher water pulling capacity thus working efficiently at broad voltage levels.

Crompton residential pumps are incredibly useful because of its amazing features. They bring you quality water at an affordable price and cater to any water emergency that may arise. It empowers peace of mind that comes with a safe, clean, residential well water supply with all its advantages.