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Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Pumps

  • 24 July

Have you ever wondered how you get instant access to water despite residing on the topmost floor of a high-raised building or how water is continuously supplied to those oh-so-glorious fields in the countryside all year round? The answer to this one is relatively simple. All these functions are possible due to the invention of *drum roll* PUMPS! To know more about how pumps work and the various types available, read on!

Pumps, popularly known as ‘motors’ in residential areas are highly functional and efficient machines which work on the principle of hydraulics. A high-pressure situation is created by the pump, which causes the liquid to move from low to high areas.

From the removal of liquids, pressure cleaning in industries and irrigation water supply to agricultural farmlands to supplying water to your homes for domestic purposes, managing sewage etc, the real-world applications of pumps are countless. Therefore, Crompton has introduced an exclusive range of pumps to suit your every need.

With increasing demand and needs, many different types of pumps have been introduced in the market. For example, areas that experience fluctuations and don’t receive constant electricity supply can now opt for Crompton’s solar water pumps which offer great performance at a reasonable price.

Pumps are broadly classified into residential, agricultural, and industrial pumps. Each category has specified functions and fulfils different needs for the users. For example, residential water pumps boost the city’s water supply by applying extra pressure and enabling it to reach your home.

While some popularly used residential pumps are the submersibles, boosters or mini pumps, inline circulation, pressure booster pumps, shallow wells or compressor etc., the most well-known are submersible pumps. As the name suggests, these pumps work even when completely submerged in water and generally require less power to give you mind-blowing results as compared to other pumps. To get uninterrupted and pressurised water flow in your bathrooms or lush lawns, there is a wide range of pressure booster series available too, which are suitable for high-temperature water applications as well.

At the same time, agricultural pumps are used to perform heavy-duty functions on large farmlands. For example, you could employ a mighty centrifugal monoblock pump to set up streams of water which lead to your property from nearby canals or wells. Crompton’s agricultural pumps like open-well and borewell submersible can also work in a wide voltage range and can take up specialized tasks in the agricultural sector with great efficiency.

That’s not all! The fire-fighting pumps which are used to save precious lives and pumps used in swimming pools belong to the category of speciality pumps, which is an excellent option for performing highly specialized functions. An essential type of pump used daily for sewage and cutter applications known as sewage submersible pump. They are used to manage waste and take out sewage water from homes, hospitals, hotels etc.

In conclusion, there exists a Crompton pump for almost every requirement. Check out Crompton’s wide variety of pumps to find an efficient and affordable solution that meets all your needs!