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Agricultural Pumps To The Rescue!

  • 6 September

Borewell Submersible pumps in India at low price | Crompton Borewell Submersible pumps in India at low price | Crompton

Agriculture is the backbone of India and water pumps help sustain it. Agriculture pumps are used for irrigation of land by sprinkler, flood or micro-irrigation. Water is pulled out by pumps from reservoirs with the help of open well or monobloc pumps or with the help of borewell pumps from borewells that are up to 60 to 1500 feet deep!

An agriculture pump helps you transfer water from one source to another with ease. Whether the source is underground or situated on surface, these pumps are powerful enough to draw water from just about any depth! For your farming and agricultural needs, these pumps use high pressure to transfer the water to your desired location. They help make the distribution of water more convenient with every pull!


Types and Features of Agricultural Pumps: 

Before you buy a pump, you need to understand its specifications. Each pump has a different power range, stage, head range, discharge range, pipe size and supply phase. The higher the power, the greater will be the discharge from the pump. Keeping this in mind, read on to learn more about the various types of agricultural pumps and their features!


Borewell Submersible Pump

Unpredictable rainfall leads to an uneven supply of water. To ensure uninterrupted water supply throughout the year, you can opt for a borewell submersible pump. This pump is entirely submerged in water and is sealed in an air-tight manner. Lower HP variants are also used for supplying water to residential and industrial units.

Borewell pumps come with many exciting features like the hydraulic and electrical design along with high-grade electrical stamping which makes the pump highly efficient. Whereas, the specially designed thrust bearing ensures reliability and its simple construction makes maintenance easy. It can also function effectively in a wide voltage band, protecting it from voltage fluctuations.


Open Well Submersible Pump 

Agricultural pumps like Open well submersible pumps are used to extract water from reservoirs and transfer it to the storage in farms or directly to the farmland. The pump is also submerged in water and has an air-tight seal around it. They can be used in irrigation, transferring water from canals, wells to farms etc.

The features of this pump include high-voltage range and CED coated parts. In contrast, its ability to function effectively in a high-voltage range without damaging the pump makes it a safer and more durable option. The parts that are CED coated make it rust and stuck-free which helps give the pump a longer life.

You need to keep in mind the reservoir, storage tank size, pipe diameter, and material used in pumps before buying them. When it comes to open well pumps, you get two types: horizontal and vertical.


Centrifugal Monobloc Pumps:

Sometimes vast quantities of fluids need to be transferred from one location to the other with the flow rates being high and controlled over a broad range. In these situations, the best pump would be a centrifugal Monobloc pump.

These pumps are used in agriculture, industry, wastewater plants, mining, power generation plants and more. Centrifugal pumps offer wide voltage band like most agricultural pumps do but what sets it apart is the monoset construction. The monoset construction and high-quality mechanical seal prevents any leakage, contains the pressure and prevents any contamination.


Stress-free Solutions for Regular Water Supply

Crompton agriculture pumps ensure that you don’t miss out on your regular water supply, whether it is your overhead water tank, industrial applications or farming needs. You can choose from Crompton’s wide range of pumps like borewell, open well, or centrifugal monobloc pumps to help you with a reliable water supply solution all year round!