LED Rope Light Decoration Ideas for your home

  • 22 September

  • 2 Minutes Read

Lights Lights

Lights are an important and essential part of every celebration. Whether it is weddings or festivals, lights are an irreplaceable factor that enhances the aesthetics and doubles the joy with the brightness they exude. There are several ways in which you can bring in luminescence. However, over the years, LED rope lights have taken over the markets for all the right reasons. If you are looking for simple and elegant light decor for home, then rope light decoration makes complete sense. We’re here to share 8 best LED Rope light decoration ideas with you. These easy ideas of using decorative rope lights can instantly light up your space and bring in positivity. 

1. Highlight Steps or Stairs

If you own a house or a duplex and have stairs in your space, then you can try installing rope lights under each step. These LED decorative lights can add the right amount of brightness while adding a festive vibe to your space. Illuminating each step can definitely make your home ready for a celebration. You can do this for an upcoming wedding at your place or even for Diwali.

2. String photos from a rope light 

The concept of fairy lights is not novel. However, rope lights for bedroom are a great way to add joy to your personal space. If you have a focus wall in your bedroom and want to decorate it with some beautifully captured memories, then do it with this idea of light decor for bedroom. String your photos against the wall with a rope light. It can perfectly highlight your pictures and instantly bring a smile to your face.  

3. Decorate the ceiling of the nursery 

If you are a parent and are looking at cute things you can add to the nursery, then try decorating the ceiling with rope lights. You can use coloured rope lights as the rope light for false ceiling. Your child will absolutely love the mellow brightness illuminating the bedroom. 

4. Create words on the wall 

Rope lights are also a great way to make a statement wall. With these lights, you can have your dose of positivity on the wall. The advantage of being able to curve them as you like can let you create words on the wall. You can use these light decoration ideas for a room.

5. Bed canopy with lights 

Rope Lights for bedroom are also a great way to highlight your bed. You can add these beautiful lights to your bed’s canopy and light up the bedroom every night. Who doesn’t want to enter into a bed that looks beautiful and welcoming? Put these lights on before you get into bed and add cheer to your private space.

6. Rope lights in a tent for kids

Kids love the idea of tents in their rooms. It’s their safe haven away from the world. If you have a tent for your child at home, surprise your child by decorating it with beautiful rope lights. It’s the perfect way for them to unwind at the end of the day. They can hop into the tent with a book and switch the light on.  

7. Decorate the Christmas tree

Christmas is a joyous time of the year when you want to add brightness and happiness to your homes. If you bring a Christmas tree every year, then rope lights are a great way to decorate it. You can literally cover the entire tree with these lights through the night, and we bet the decorated, all-lit tree will look absolutely stunning. Use a blue rope light for a unique and extraordinary touch to your space.  Light up your house this festive season with Crompton!

8. Highlight the Balcony wall

Whether you are looking for rope lights for Diwali or for Christmas, highlighting the balcony wall can amplify the look of your space by many folds. If you are looking for rope lights for the balcony, make sure you choose waterproof LED rope lights so there is no fear of shock in case of any rain. 

Rope lights are a great option for those who are looking at ways in which they can add brightness to their spaces daily. You don’t need a particular occasion to use these lights. You can install them in your bedroom, living room or outdoors. They are versatile, and the best part? They are subtle and elegant. Rope lights won’t leave your space looking gaudy and over-the-top. Crompton’s Galaxy rope lights can be used for indoor and outdoor Rope light decoration for home.