Tackle Blackout Emergency with Backup LED Lamp -

Tackle Blackout Emergency with Backup LED Lamp

  • 4 July

  • 1 minute Read

Have you ever faced a blackout when you’re doing an important task?

You may be preparing dinner in the kitchen or your child could be finishing their homework. Suddenly the power goes out and panic strikes every member of the house. You have to rush and look for candles, torches, and hand fans. It’s impossible to get any work done because you could get injured in the process of finding your way around the darkness. The good news is that Crompton’s brings you the lighting solution, you don’t need to worry about unforeseen power outages. 

Blackouts are a common occurrence in India because of the old infrastructure and the severity of the rains. Today, we have become more and more dependent on technology. Spending more than fifteen minutes without electricity sounds like an impossible task. This is why you need Crompton’s Backup LED lights for your home. 

Tackle Blackout Emergency with Backup LED Lamp, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Limited

Why You Need Emergency Inverter Bulb

Battery Management System

Have you ever touched a light bulb and instantly been burnt by the heat it produces? Light bulbs often do this as they are converting light into energy. However, with our battery-powered management system, we prevent the light bulb from overheating and causing any associated hazards. In this way, we also prolong the service life of the battery.


Up to 4 Hours of Backup Light and Auto Switch On

The battery in the light bulb can produce light for up to 4 hours without electricity. You need to directly plug it in and use it like a regular light bulb. While attached, the light bulb will store the necessary energy in the battery. Once the power goes off, the backup lamp will recognize the power failure and automatically switch on. 


Watts and Lumens

Lumens are a measurement of the output of light. In simple terms, it’s the amount of light that is visible to the naked eye. Today, everybody prefers LED lights as it holds a higher amount of lumens with a lower watt percentage. This means more light while saving on your electricity bill. Our backup light provides up to 50% of the light produced in its normal mode. This gives you an ample amount of light till the electricity comes back on. 


Crompton’s light bulb runs at 9 watts in its normal mode and at 4 watts in the backup mode. If your light bulb is plugged in for around 6 to 8 hours, you will have 4 hours of light in its backup mode. 


Whether it’s your office or your home, you don’t need to worry about sudden blackouts emergency disrupting your work or your household chores. With Crompton’s lights, you can move on with your life, unaffected by the power outages of the monsoons.