How do Smart LED Bulbs work? | Apps to Control and Setup

Smart LED Light Bulbs – How Do They Work & How To Set Them Up?

  • 28 September

Smart LED Lights - Crompton Smart LED Lights - Crompton

Smart LED Bulbs and Smart lighting system 

Love it or hate it, but you can’t ignore home automation. If you are someone who hasn’t heard about it yet, then we are here to tell you that this system is nothing but a way of making your lives simpler. Home automation is a system in which everyday appliances like locks and thermostats function automatically. 

Smart lighting is a big component of automation and is gaining popularity owing to its ease of use and straightforwardness. It provides a more efficient way to manage the lighting of your space, and there are several reasons why you must make the switch

A smart bulb is gradually replacing the traditional light bulb, which fits easily into the current socket in your home. All the smart light bulbs in your space are connected with each other via an internet-connected hub, providing control over the lighting in your home from a centralized location. A smart LED bulb like Crompton’s Immensa bulb gives you easy access to adjust the lighting of your house from anywhere. You can also schedule the lighting around your sleep schedule, making it so much more convenient. The benefits of Smart LED Bulbs are immense.

How do smart led bulbs work? 

The most common question that is often asked when it comes to smart lighting is how do smart bulbs work. Like most automated devices, these bulbs use wireless technologies that allow you to control the lighting via an app.  

Depending on whether you want to use a wifi bulb or a Bluetooth bulb, you can directly pair it with your phone. However, a Bluetooth LED bulb won’t let you operate it when you are away from home as there is no point-to-point connection. If you are looking at a wifi light bulb that can be controlled from anywhere, it can be used with an optional hub (also called a bridge). This means if you have left for the day and forgot to switch off the lights in your bedroom, you can turn them off remotely – no more energy wastage. 

Along with letting you switch the lights on and off, a Bluetooth light bulb or wifi LED bulb lets you brighten or dim your lights through an app too. 


Apps for controlling Smart LED Bulbs 

Most people who invest in smart home automation decide to use a hub or home automation system, such as voice-activated systems Google Home, Alexa, Siri or even an app built specially to adjust your lights provided by the brand like the MyCrompton app. When integrated into a smart home system, these smart bulbs work in tandem with other devices. 

The MyCrompton app is available for iOS as well as Android systems. The wifi-friendly app lets you control your lights from anywhere. If you buy multiple Immensa bulbs, you can also group them together on the app and control them from a single hub. These best smart bulbs are perfect if you live in a large space and want to easily control the lighting of the entire area. 


How to set up your Smart LED Bulb?

If you are still wondering about how does a smart bulb work or how do smart lights work, then here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set up your smart LED bulb. Setting up a smart LED bulb requires no heavy-duty work; it is simple. However, the instructions may differ slightly for different brands. Below is a general set-up guide:

1. Plug in the hub: If your smart LED bulb comes with a hub, then plug it into your router

2. Get rid of the traditional bulb: Slowly remove the old bulb from the socket and screw the smart bulb into the desired light fixture

3. Download the app: Download the brand’s app on your phone with which you can control the lights

4. Pairing: Ensure the smart bulbs are paired with the mobile application

5. Name your bulbs: Label the bulbs as per the room and their location. This will make it easier for you to control them from the app. For instance, ‘bedroom night lamp’


Features of Crompton’s Smart LED Bulbs 

Crompton’s smart LED bulbs are worthy of your attention owing to the multiple functions that make them convenient and smart. Here are a few features of the Immensa bulb that will make you want to add it to your cart right away:

1. 16 million colours:

Unlike a regular LED bulb, the smart bulb gives you the chance to play around with the hues and colours of the light. You can choose the light that best suits your mood. Crompton’s Immensa bulb lets you choose from 16 million shades, so you have many choices when it comes to lighting. 

2. Wi-fi enabled:

These smart LED bulbs are connected via wifi for a seamless operation. You can easily switch them on and off from anywhere. Since they are wifi compatible, you no longer have to move an inch to operate them. You can easily control them through the app.  

3. Android and IOS compatibility:

The MyCrompton app is Android and IOS compatible. Whether you have an iPhone or Google/Samsung phone, you can easily download the app and control your smart lighting through that. The app makes it super-easy and convenient to operate the lighting system. 

4. Dimmable and Tunable:

It all depends on your mood, whether you want bright lights or dim lights. Crompton’s smart LED bulb is dimmable as well as tunable. You can easily tune between warm, cool and natural white lighting. It lets you tune your lights the way you like them.  

5. Multiple light grouping:

If you have multiple Immensa bulbs, you can also group them together on the app. For instance, you can group all the lights of a certain room and control them through the app. It’s the perfect way to control your lights when you aren’t at home. 

Here’s a table that will help you understand some more features about these smart bulbs:


Sr. No.



Reset of device using On-Off-On-Off-On-Off-On manual switching


BLE based quick pairing


Wi-Fi based pairing (EZ & AP mode)


Wireless connectivity range of device with respect to Wi-Fi router 20 metres (Line Of Sight)


On/Off, brightness, CCT change & RGB colors control


Scene control


Scheduled based control


Music sync control


Smart scene control


Countdown timer-based control


Biorhythm based control


Plan based control


Power-On memory restoration (Last status / Off status/ Default status / Customized status)


Off status overriding using Off-On-Off-On switching


Individual device control without internet connectivity


Voice-based control integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant


Smart LED bulbs are the future, and there is no doubt about that. If you want your home to be energy efficient, modern and up-to-date, you must incorporate these lights. They provide you with way more options and a great way to incorporate automation into your space.