How to upgrade your home ceiling lights

  • 31 December

  • 3 minute Read

Crompton Ceiling Lights Crompton Ceiling Lights

Upgrading home lighting is a big task but also, it’s an opportunity to think about how lighting functions in your home. Switching to home LED ceiling lights is the best way to illuminate and set the tone of your room. They not only influence the interior of your home, but also bring a modern and stylish look. 

The biggest question which comes to mind is where can you use LED ceiling lights? Ceiling lights are ideal for any room. They enhance your room’s aesthetic, add elegance along with serving the purpose of illumination. LED ceiling lights are easy to install because they don’t usually require more than two fixtures. Ceiling lights are primarily used for ambient lighting in residential spaces. To help you make brighter decisions, here are some of the most popular LED ceiling lights by Crompton.

How to upgrade your home ceiling lights, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Limited

Recessed Panel Ceiling Light

Recessed lights are the most popular choice when it comes to LED ceiling lights. Depending on the purpose and installation, these lights are typically installed in false ceilings. These ceiling lights seamlessly contribute to direct and indirect lighting. Moreover, they can be installed in all residential spaces. The Star Lord 3-in-1 by Crompton gives you three different shades of white in a single panel. They are practical, multi-functional and visually pleasing recessed panel ceiling lights that can blend with modern design schemes. If you want to know more about mood lighting, you can read Crompton’s Guide To Mood Lighting

How to upgrade your home ceiling lights, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Limited


As the name suggests, downlighters emit light downward with an accurate and narrow beam. As a result, they become multi-functional and brilliant energy-saving lighting solutions. The all-new Star Miranda COB downlighter is specially designed to give you brighter and more focused light output. A superior metal heat-sink also ensures better heat dissipation leading to longer product life. Crompton Star Miranda COB can be installed to serve various roles, namely ambient lighting, accent lighting, or even task lighting. They are highly versatile lighting solutions best suited for ceiling lights for the living room.

Star VegaNXT is specially designed to install without a false ceiling. With an easy-to-fit twist & lock mechanism and 100 LPW brightness, Star VegaNXT is a perfect solution for your surface panel requirements.

How to upgrade your home ceiling lights, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Limited

Ceiling Down Light

Are you looking for a cost-effective yet highly effective lighting solution to replace traditional fluorescent drop ceiling fixtures? The Super Lumen LED Ultra Slim Ceiling Down Light is a perfect choice while it uses half as much energy. In addition, this panel light is an ultra-thin and sleek light that is ideal for modern spaces requiring bright, good-looking light.


LED Spotlights

Durable and easy to use, Crompton has introduced SpotEco, a new range of affordable spotlights. It is available in 6 colours that are suitable for every occasion. SpotEco allows you to get the best possible lighting in every corner of your home. Also, it will enhance the look of your living room, bedroom, dressing room area, and more. 

Lighting plays a major role in our daily life, but sometimes you tend to get bored looking at the same light in the same room. This is why you should use Crompton ceiling lights to make your space vibrant. By adding LED strips behind your bed headboard or installing Star-Lord 3-in-1, you can set a vibe for your room. So switch Crompton ceiling lights, get some drinks, play some music, and fall in love with your space.