LED Tube Light Vs Normal Tube Light - Top 7 differences

LED Tube Light vs Normal Tube Light: Which is Better?

  • 30 September

In today’s modern homes and office spaces, LED lights are being used more than traditional lights. Why are LED lights better? There are a couple of benefits of using LED lights.

LED Light are around 90% more efficient than other light options. They have a significantly longer life span and illuminate way brighter than Fluorescent or Incandescent lights.

1. The lifespan of an LED tube light is around 10 years. This means that there is hardly any intervention required by you or your electrician to fix the batten or change it.

2. LED lights are more energy-efficient than traditional lights.

3. They sport a brighter and wider ray of light without heating up too quickly.

4. While the price of an LED tube light might be higher, it’s a one-time investment that in turn reduces your electricity bills.

LED Lights are definitely a must have for brighter illumination, lesser power consumption and enhanced interiors.

Before you purchase LED tube lights, it is important to understand the differences between the two. Check out the next section to see which is better – led light vs tube lights.

Differences between LED Tube Lights and Normal Tube Lights

If you compare LED lights vs normal tube lights, you’ll find a set of differences which makes the former stand out. This is also why LED lights are preferred by most homeowners and commercial renters. Moreover, LED battens are widely being used today in public spaces including stadiums and traffic lights.

Between LED vs fluorescent tubes, you can make the ideal pick by referring to the below-mentioned factors.

1. Energy Consumption

While running a house or an office, you must be aware of how exhausting it gets to see the total power consumption on a monthly basis. When you compare LED vs tube light, you’ll find that LED battens are energy-efficient. Their wattage is lower which means that they can operate throughout the day in different lighting appliances, without burning a hole in your pocket.

2. Luminosity

LED battens have higher luminous efficacy than traditional lights. This indicates the number of lumens generated per watt upon using a source of light. Most LED battens consume less than half the lumens generated by fluorescent lights.

3. Cost-Effectiveness

While the initial cost of buying an LED batten might be higher, the overall cost-savings brought out by your monthly electricity bills makes LED lights clear winners. They save double the amount generated by using fluorescent lights in a particular space. The more fixtures you have in a space with LED lights, the more they will contribute to reducing your electricity bills.

4. Heat Production

If you believe that the amount of heat produced is equivalent to the amount of brightness, think again. In traditional tube lights, the brightness dims down with every passing day and the overheating can cause several parts to get burnt. However, in the case of LED tube lights, the heat produced is minimal and does not affect the exterior of the batten. Moreover, the brightness of the LED batten encapsulates a wide range.

5. Lifespan

As mentioned before, the lifespan of LED tube lights is more than conventional tube lights. Fluorescent tube lights might last for 4-6 years but LED battens can last up to 10 years without causing any mishaps in a space.

6. Lighting Performance

One big advantage of LED tube lights is that their lighting performance remains intact throughout the years. The brightness is the same as on day 1, making them trump conventional tube lights.

7. Aesthetic Appeal

LED tube lights are devised in a way that makes them fit any space with ease. It can be next to the ceiling, in a lighting source or used as a downlighter. In every case, LED battens accentuate the aesthetic appeal of a space. Such is not the case for fluorescent or conventional tube lights as they are heavy, long and not easily adaptable.

Why Choose Crompton for LED Lights?

Crompton brings to you lighting solutions that are superior to most brands. The use of LED battens gives you the flexibility to choose from various options with some backed by technology like WiFi and Voice Command control. Crompton’s LED lights last longer and help curb your electricity bills significantly.

The Smart LED battens help you choose between warm and cool temperatures. They are also backed by Alexa or Google Assistant voice control. These LED battens provide up to 50% energy savings in comparison to traditional tube lights. They also generate at least 100 lumens per watt, helping brighten up spaces instantly.

These LED battens are great for emergency situations as well as they come with backup illumination that uses only 4 watts to generate bright light. Crompton also offers LED Bulbs with backup power. You can check out the website to understand more about LED lights and battens to make a purchase that is conscious, and suitable for your home or office.