Why are LED bulbs better than Normal Bulbs?

  • 22 September

  • 3 Minutes Read

Lighting is an essential part of every residence, commercial or public space. But for utilising lights for long periods of time every day, there has to be an eco-friendly solution to protect the environment. This is where the benefits of LED light bulbs play a key role as they not only help in saving bills but also provide more light without heating up too much.

What is an LED Bulb?

LED Bulbs utilise light-emitting diodes to produce electric light that is brighter than regular lighting. When you consider LED bulbs vs regular bulbs, you will find that the former consumes 85% less electricity despite staying on for a number of hours or even the entire day.

Led Bulbs vs Regular Bulbs: What’s the Difference?

If you’re wondering what is the difference between LED bulbs and normal bulbs, let us lay it out for you.

1. Requires Lesser Power Consumption

When you’re comparing LED vs regular bulbs, led lighting bulbs work better for every space because they consume less power. LED bulbs are known to be energy-efficient and shine a brighter light than CFL or incandescent lights. This makes LED Lights a must have.

2. Provides A Cheaper Lifetime Cost

If you purchase an LED bulb, you will find the cost higher than regular bulbs. So is it worth the purchase? Absolutely. The key is to look at purchasing LED bulbs from a lifetime-saving perspective. When you compare an LED bulb vs normal bulbs, you’ll find that you might have to replace normal bulbs at least 3-4 times in a span of 10 years. On the other hand, 1 LED bulb can last you up to 10 years saving you huge amounts of money.

3. Lasts Longer

The major difference between LED bulbs and normal bulbs is that LED lighting lasts longer, up to 10 years. This means that you don’t have to worry about flickering lights or malfunctions in the bulb as compared to regular lighting.

Which LED Bulbs can I Purchase?

If you’re looking to purchase LED bulbs but don’t know where to start, you can look at the following varieties for the perfect lighting for your house or commercial space.

1. 5-Star and 4-Star Varieties

LED bulbs can also be used at home or office owing to their 5-Star and 4-Star BEE ratings. They consume a lower number of lumens and hence last longer without burning a hole in your pocket with those monthly electricity bills. Try them today to understand how cost-efficient they can get.

2. Candle Lamps

The Decoray Candle Lamp provides LED bulb benefits with a 3-star rating and 105 lumens. It can be utilised with lamp shades having frosting optics or clear views as it shines a soothing light when it is switched on. It also offers voltage and surge protection for up to 440 KV and 4 KV, respectively. You can even choose between white and yellow light varieties.

3. Colour Lamps

As the name suggests, Colour Lamps can provide you with 4 interchangeable colours and are available in unique shapes. They create the perfect ambience for your living room, and bedroom and can also be used for lighting the garden or common spaces for parties, and other events. They are easy to fit and offer up to 25,000 burning hours.

4. Backup Lamps

If you’re looking for emergency lamps at your residence or commercial space, Backup Lamps 12W are ideal to use and are available in 9 and 12 watts. Backup lamps operate even during a power cut. They offer up to 4 hours of backup and have a 2200 mAh Li-On battery life which is longer than other variants. They also offer surge and voltage protection.

5. Night Lamps

One of the greatest LED bulb advantages is that it can be used as a Night Lamp. Available in 2 unique designs, they consume low power and emit a soothing, dim light so that you can sleep peacefully during the wee hours of the night.

Advantages & Disadvantages of LED Bulbs

You can utilise a number of LED bulb advantages by fitting them in your home or office. They are as follows –

 1. An average LED bulb lasts for about 50,000 to 100,000 operating hours. It can be more depending on the usage or brand trust. Comparing LED bulbs vs normal bulbs is a major benefit in helping you make an easy switch.

2. LED bulbs are considered to be safer than regular bulbs as they emit minimal heat. This is because they operate on low voltage and hardly impact the exterior of the bulb. This helps in preventing heat-related mishaps.

3. LED bulbs can fit anywhere, and we mean anywhere! They are usually compact in size making them ideal to fit in lamps, circuit boards, traffic signals and many other places. Hence, they can be used for residential, commercial and public purposes.

4. Colour Rendering or CRI is perhaps the most crucial LED bulb benefit that you can avail. LED bulbs have a higher CRI in comparison to traditional bulbs which means that they can show objects in their natural colour.

5. LED bulbs are most efficiently used when their brightness is dimmed. This also goes to show that their dimming capacity is flexible and can overall improve their lifespan.

 If you’re wondering if LED bulbs have any disadvantages, you can look at the following. However, it is important to note that these are minimal.

 1. The upfront cost of purchasing an LED bulb is higher than traditional bulbs like CFLs and incandescents.

2. LED bulbs can show an unusual colour of light depending on the lamp or lighting source they are plugged into.

3. LED bulbs don’t always come with standardisation.

Why Should you choose Crompton LED Bulbs?

All in all, LED bulbs should be looked at as investments that can go on to serve you for years without any hassles. If you’re looking for different varieties of LED bulbs, pick one from Crompton’s LED range.

They are affordable and showcase the latest designs. Whether you prefer dim lights or need a brighter aesthetic for your space, Crompton’s LED bulbs cater to all your demands. They also have zero mercury hence making it eco-friendly to use the bulbs for years at a stretch.

Crompton’s Smart LED bulbs also adapt to the latest technologies like Wi-Fi to provide a seamless lighting experience. These LED bulbs can also be accessed from the MyCrompton application on Android or iOS to be moulded as per your requirements. Moreover, you can use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to enable voice commands and control your lighting at any given point.

Enjoy experimenting and illuminating your favourite spaces, at home or in the office, with Crompton’s LED bulbs.