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Invest In Anti-Bac LED Bulbs For A Brighter Future

  • 11 June

LED light bulbs have been a part of Indian households for a long time and have since gained immeasurable popularity over the years due to their convenient and extraordinary performance. But what if we tell you that there is a way to upgrade from your ordinary LED bulb and make it even better? Read on to find out more!

Your home is host to many different types of germs and bacteria that even the most sought-after disinfectant solutions and products can’t reach. There is now another way to win over these disease-causing germs and make sure your family stays protected is by investing in the new, most innovative anti-bacterial technology for your home. To prevent the spread of these germs, Crompton has introduced India’s first ever Anti-Bac LED Bulb which kills up to 85% of germs.

To keep your loved ones away from harm’s way, Crompton’s Anti-bac LED bulb uses an advanced and more evolved Envirosafe technology. The way it functions is by emitting a special kind of light at a specific wavelength range called visible light. At that wavelength, visible light starts to display disinfectant properties which enables you to reach those corners of your home that even your cleaning supplies cannot.

So, now that you know how these bulbs work, you might be wondering how safe it really is, right? Let us put all your fears to rest right away with this quick fact! Crompton’s Anti-Bac LED Bulbs do not emit any UV or Infrared radiations. It only emits visible light which has been deemed safe for humans to use.

Another factor to consider would definitely be the amount of energy consumed by your LED bulbs. As soon as the sun sets, the first thing you do is switch on your lights which stay on for hours on end. This can contribute greatly to the overall energy consumption of your household which eventually adds up and can get very expensive over time. So it would be wise to invest in an energy-efficient alternative like Crompton’s Anti-Bac LED Bulbs because it not only helps reduce the electricity consumption and saves considerable costs on your bill but it also is a more environmentally friendly option as compared to other conventional bulbs. Our Back-up LED Bulbs keep your house enlightened even during power cuts. Read more about them. Crompton always aims to provide you the best lighting experience at all times, with minimal energy consumption.

Apart from providing great protection against germs, Anti-Bac LED bulbs can also be used for adding just the right amount of elegance to any LED lights in your home. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s make every house in India Envirosafe with Crompton’s Anti-Bac LED Bulbs! Explore more about the best lighting solutions for your house by reading a guide to revamp your home’s lighting with Crompton.