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Corridors Lighting Ideas To Illuminate Your Hallway

  • 19 December

Corridors are the most overlooked part of the house since people usually don’t spend more than a minute passing through them. What if we told you that Crompton has designed lights to not only add to the aesthetic value of your corridors but also bring about a revolution in corridor lighting designs? Hallway lighting just got a lot more interesting and useful with these lights, which will help you walk safely through corridors and alleys while admiring their beauty. Using creative corridor lighting ideas, Crompton has designed a set of lights that will light up your path.


LE(a)Ding The Way Forward With Ceiling Lights 

Ceiling lights provide a sleek look to your corridors while illuminating them just enough so you can pass through them, which is why they are the best lights for your corridor. Light up your hallway with these LED hallway wall lights, and give your corridor a fresh new look. 


Types Of Ceiling Lights For That Extra Glow

We have got you covered with a variety of ceiling lights. You can find a wide range of Surface Panels, Recessed Panel and Downlight Panel lights, which offers a bright spectrum of hallway ceiling light ideas for your home. These hanging lights for corridors consume less space and look more chic and stylish. Give your corridor a smart look and a total makeover with these smart ceiling lights.


How To Use Ceiling Lights In The Corridor?

1. Refrain from using too many LED lights in your corridor. Arrange them aesthetically so that the right corners have the right amount of light.

2. When using the different types of corridor ceiling lights, use the right combination of LED ceiling lights to give your corridor a soft balanced look.

3. Choose the colour of your ceiling lights based on the aesthetic of your corridor.

4. LED Downlights will work best for corridors, office workspaces and hallways in most spaces.

5. Pick your corridor ceiling lights depending on the size of your corridor or hallway.


The Wonders of Batten Lights 

Batten lights can do wonders because they spread light uniformly throughout your corridor. These smart lights can be extremely efficient and customizable based on your needs when it comes to colour and temperature. These tube lights are durable enough to account for a smart purchase.


Light Up The Corridor With LED Battens

Smart lighting involves knowing which light should be used where and how. Here’s a guide to help you with your choices.

1. LED batten lights are bright sources of light. If your corridor isn’t very big, one batten light serves as an optimal source of light.

2. If you have a long corridor, you may require more than one LED tube light to evenly distribute the lighting.

3. The number of lights will also depend on the temperature and vibe you want to set for your space.


Style Your Space With Strip Lights 

These lights turn mediocre spaces into extraordinary ones. Galaxy and Strip Lights are bright choices for your corridors. These hanging lights add an elegance of their own and look like drops of pearls lined up that will illuminate your corridor. What’s more, is that these LED Strip Lights are waterproof and the best option for your beautiful space. They serve as ambient lights and are the best beautifiers that you can have. Refer to our Strip Lighting Ideas to adorn your home with Strip Lights.


Using LED Strip Lights In Corridors

LED Strip Lights for hallways are a positive step in the world of illumination and innovation. These lights won’t only illuminate your path but also make your space look like a dream come true. Usually, it comes with a remote that automatically switches your lights on and off and changes their density. Once placed on your wall, it looks like a line of stars. 


All About Regular LED Lamps 

LED hallway lamps are nothing short of magical. They have always been known for their uses when it comes to study areas, but we are here to tell you that you can use them in your hallway too. These lamps serve as excellent sources of lighting and can be used as hanging hallway lights to focus on a particular area. The extra brightness that it offers makes it an excellent choice when you want to focus on a specific object in your hallway.


How To Use LED Bulbs In Corridors

1. To make sure that your corridor is evenly lit, use led bulbs uniformly based on the size of your corridor. 

2. If you have a long corridor, use smaller hallway light bulbs over an even distance.

3. If your corridor is a small square or rectangular space, use an LED bulb that is the main source of light in the area.

4. You could also be someone who doesn’t want too much light along their corridors, in that case, add a lesser number of hallway bulbs along your corridor along larger areas.


Lighting 101- Ideas For Your Residential Corridors

In case you are confused about lighting ideas for the home corridors, here’s a small guide that will help you make a bright choice.

1. The first step always needs to be knowing what you want your space to look like. Analyse and see whether your logistics match the visuals you have planned in your head.

2. Now, set the tone of your room. Choose home hallway lighting based on the vibe that you want. For eg: Go for ambient lighting if you’re looking for a soft, mellow vibe. In case you want some bright flashy lights, choose the LED Strip Lights. 

3. Another indicator of your lighting is the colour of your walls. Your lights should match the colour of your walls and vice-versa.

4. In the end, always consider quality as an important factor in making your lighting decisions.


Bright Lights Bring Out Brighter Ideas In A Professional Corridor Space 

Choosing the correct office lighting can be very important while setting the vibe of your workplace. It is also a decisive factor when it comes to your employee’s mood and energy levels. Here’s a guide that will help you select optimal lighting for your office corridor.

1. Use bright white lights, but make sure that they aren’t so bright that they hurt the eyes. Laptop screens already emit high amounts of blinding lights so avoid overpowering screen lights.

2. Choose lights that suit the colour of your corridor walls.

3. Energy efficient lights make a good source of lighting because of the high amounts of usage.

4. Moderately bright lights also help increase your employee’s concentration levels

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Lights For Brighter Minds In Educational Spaces 

Classrooms require an even distribution of lights so that all students can be enlightened together. Here are a few ideas to make your classroom ideal for these young minds.

1. Space out your lights according to the shape and size of your classroom. A smaller classroom will require fewer sources of light.

2. Avoid using too many lights as a higher temperature can be discomforting to a group of students. Glaring lights can also discourage students from staring at a smartboard or blackboard for a long time.

3. Batten lights or evenly spaced LED bulbs form a part of an ideal classroom.

4. The lights should be placed at an angle that perfectly reflects the words and content on the blackboard.



Lights can change perspectives and shape ideas. There’s a reason why people associate the word bright with intelligence and the symbol of a light bulb with ideas. We understand how important lights are when it comes to your space, which is why we put together a set of lights that will help you highlight all significant moments.