Here’s Why You Need Crompton’s Night Buddy Lamp in Your Daily Night Routine

  • 12 September

Are you someone who loves arranging their bedroom to make it the most comfortable and perfect space to relax? At the end of a long day, it’s only natural to want to come to a beautiful room for some peace and quiet.

When it comes to decorating your bedroom, you think of aesthetically pleasing lights and artistic decor, along with convenience as well. If you like adding night lights to your room but find it inconvenient because of the absence of electric plugs, then we have something for you.


Why You Need Crompton’s Night Buddy Lamp


Charge your phone along with the convenience of a night light

Before sleeping at night, it is a common practice for people to relax on their bed and charge their phones while checking messages or scrolling through social media. However, this would become difficult if you had a night light lamp on your bedside table. You may struggle with choosing between keeping the light on before you sleep or charging your phone.

Therefore, you need Crompton’s Night buddy lamp. It is a socket-based Indirect Lighting Night Lamp (0.5W) with a unique feature of a USB charging port attached to the light. In this way, you can enjoy the soothing effect of the night lamp in your room along with the convenience of keeping your phone to charge. It is also equipped with Turbo Charging allowing your phone to charge faster (5000 mAh Li-on Battery in 2.5 Hrs). It also comes with a one-year warranty period.


Improve the room aesthetics

As we had mentioned earlier, the aesthetics of your bedroom are important to enliven the atmosphere. Right from the colour of the walls, the height of the ceiling to the number of lights. Our night light lamp adds a soothing effect to your room at night and provides indirect lighting. It gives you mild visibility so that you’re not met with complete darkness when you decide to get up from the bed.


Uplift your mood

As you improve the aesthetics of your room, your mood automatically becomes better. A night light has a relaxing effect on your mind, as it is a softer version of room lights. Bright lights always instil a sense of energy and refreshment. Night Buddy brings in a more calm and serene mood to your room, thus even helping you to sleep better. 

You may need a night light lamp in your bedtime routine for better visibility or just to improve your room aesthetics. Whatever it may be, you can add the light of our Night Buddy Lamp to your bedside table, enjoy the convenience of keeping your phone to charge and bask in a peaceful night’s sleep.