Pooja Room Lighting Ideas to Give Your Temple a Divine Look

Pooja Room Lighting Ideas to Give Your Temple a Divine Look

  • 15 December

A pooja room is the most sacred space in any Indian household, meant for prayers and meditation. That’s why you need to make an extra effort to design and decorate it beautifully as compared to the rest of the interiors. This space should be designed to help you relax and conduct your prayers in complete peace. One way to do this successfully is by installing decorative lights for your pooja room lights

While having one tube light or bulb above your home temple may serve the functional purpose, it doesn’t provide the correct ambience required. The right pooja room lighting ideas can help you design your temple space in a heavenly manner. You can explore types of LED lights for home makeovers for your space to gain an artistic look.

Choosing the Perfect Mandir Lights

Whether your mandir space is a room or just a ledge in the wall, it deserves to shine bright! An important step while designing the space is selecting the correct decorative LED lights for your pooja room. Opting for LED lights for the decoration of your pooja or mandir room enhances the space as they shine brighter and last longer in comparison to halogen lights. There are different ways you can utilise decorative LED lights for your home temple to enhance its ambience. 

Using Focus Lights for Decoration

Focus lights in your pooja room are a subtle and elegant way to enhance the room. This type of lighting works best if you have a small, windowless space designated for prayers. They illuminate the room with a gentle glow, maintaining the focus on the idol in the room while also creating a radiant ambience. Making use of small LED lights for the pooja room will keep the lighting soft, avoiding exposure to harsh lights that hurt your eyes.

Light the Ceiling Up

If you want the space to stand out, using a distinctive false ceiling for your pooja room would be ideal. Decorating a false ceiling with hanging lights above the idol illuminates the space aesthetically and artistically. You can also opt for ceiling light shades as it compliments the ambience exceptionally well. Making use of ceiling lights for the pooja room gives a separate identity to the space, providing a warm glow.

Choose Strip Lights to Create a Divine Ambience

The best part of using LED strip lights for your pooja room is that you don’t need to make any additional efforts or decide the placement of lights. You can simply place the strip lights behind the mandap for temple light decoration so it stays hidden and enhances the design. In this way, the temple light decor used for your home looks minimalistic and efficient.

Decorative Ceiling Lamp Shades in the Pooja Room

If you want to go for something minimalistic, using lamps for the pooja room is a sensible choice. There are many design choices and options available when picking the right lamp. Whether you want a light bulb for the mandir or an electric lamp for a pooja room, there are several designs as well as colours available that accentuate the ambience

Make a Statement with a Centre Ceiling Light

The room’s ambience can be highlighted boldly with the help of hanging lights made especially for a mandir. It’s the easiest way to illuminate a room while adding an ethnic and traditional vibe to the room. Moreover, there are many design and colour choices you can go for while picking the correct lamps for your pooja room.

Mood Lighting for Pooja Room

If you’re someone who likes fancy lights for their pooja room, mood lighting with smart lights is a good design choice. Not only can you control the lighting but you also have over 16 million colour options when it comes to smart LED lights for the pooja or mandir room

From subtle to energetic, the ambience can be changed as per your preference when you choose mood lights for your temple at home. A pooja room is a sanctum for many Indian households. With the right lighting, you can truly bring the space to life!



  • How many lamps should I put in a pooja room?

Depending on the size and availability of natural light in your pooja room, you can pick the required number of lamps.


  • In which direction should I place the light lamp in a pooja room?

According to tradition, you should face your lamps southeast to ward off negative energies.


  • How to decorate a pooja room with lights?

You can decorate your pooja room with the help of different lighting options such as strip lights and pendant lights depending on the area and your preferences.