13 Trendy Outdoor & Indoor Christmas Light Ideas

Merry Christmas Lighting Ideas for your Home and Outdoor 2022

  • 11 November

  • 5 Minutes Read

‘Tis the season to be jolly!

Santa is nearly here, and it’s time to make sure that when he sneaks into your home, he is completely blown away by your Christmas lighting and decorations.

We’re sure you are as excited about the holiday season as we are. Even more so about decorating your home with ornaments and lights for Christmas. So, how about we magnify the excitement levels with a new twist to the age-old tradition of lighting and decorating?

We’ve put together a collection of Christmas lighting ideas that will not only bring the holiday spirit to life but also enhance the outdoors and interiors of your home!


Christmas Tree Lighting Ideas

Your Christmas tree is the heart of all your celebrations! Make sure it shines bright with these ideas:

Wrap the Branches

Stringing lights around the branches is the easiest way to illuminate your Christmas tree. This method does take time as you have to wrap every tree branch, starting at the base. The number of lights and time utilised also depend on the height and width of the tree.

Encircle the Tree with Lights Horizontally

Another effective way of using lights for Christmas tree decoration is encircling the lights around the tree horizontally. So, instead of wrapping every branch, you simply wrap it around the tree, starting from the bottom. This technique works best if you have a very full tree and you’re using rope lights.


Merry Christmas Lighting Ideas for your Home and Outdoor 2022, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Limited


Hang the Lights Vertically

Just the way you hang ornaments, you can also hang the LED Christmas lights off the top of the tree! Let each strand of the lights slope down from the top and complete the process by tucking the ends at the base of the tree, under the lowest branches.

Do Not Forget the Tree Trunk

The main focus may be the leaves and branches, but the trunk is also important. Instead of leaving it bare, wrap the trunk, too, while decorating with Christmas lights to create a complete look.

Don’t Overdo It

Once you start implementing one lighting idea at a time, chances are you can get really excited by how beautiful your outdoors look and want to do more. The best thing to do is keep it simple so that people are not bombarded with light as soon as they enter your home. Stick to two or three lighting ideas and keep them consistent, whether it is lanterns or string lights. A common style is hanging string lights in a straight way outside your windows in different colours.

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6. Outdoor Christmas Lights Ideas

If you’re looking for easy and creative DIY outdoor Christmas decor ideas, you’ve stopped at the right place! Keep scrolling for festive inspiration:

1. Brighten up your Balcony

If you’re under the impression that bulbs cannot be used for decoration outdoors, think again. Hiding bulbs under a lantern or a lamp is the perfect way to nail Christmas decor on your balcony. Lanterns are available in various shapes and sizes, so look for ones that suit the aesthetics of your home. In addition, the snowflake-shaped lanterns would be most suitable for Christmas as well. Another brilliant DIY outdoor Christmas decor idea is to place green garlands on the balcony railings and line them with strip lights to make your home look like a jolly holiday destination!

2. Lighten up the Windows

Decorating your windows with Christmas rope lights of different shapes and colours gives a magical and charming look. Another method is hanging multicolored LED Christmas bulb lights on the window panes, making it more uniform with your front door and balcony.

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3. Decorate the Entrance

Your front door requires more than just a merry wreath for decoration! Wrap the wreath with rope lights and adorn the door frames with strip lights to give it an angelic and jovial appearance.

4. Keep it Consistent with Indoor Lighting

While thinking about outdoor Christmas lights, it’s a good idea to keep them consistent with the style of your indoor lights. If you’ve used string lights consistently as Christmas lights for room decor then you should reflect the same style outdoors.


Indoor Light Decorations for Christmas

Make every dinner, party, and celebration this Christmas picture-worthy by adorning the inner corners of your home with the help of our indoor light decor ideas:

Experience a Candlelit Dinner

Set the festive mood for your loved ones and you with a warm and welcoming candlelit dinner. Decorate the dining table with dim candle lamps to truly get the celebrations rolling!

Hang Rope Lights on the Walls

Synchronise your interiors with your outdoor decor by hanging rope lights on the living room walls. This way, every party and gathering you organise becomes merrier!

Decorate the Ceiling

Another option to consider is creating a web of lights on the ceiling, giving your room a heavenly and mystical vibe. You can string strip lights across the ceiling or hang rope lights vertically, according to your preference.

Mystify your Home with LED Christmas Lights

Making use of colourful LED smart bulbs is also an ideal Christmas decoration choice. It adds a vibrant glow to your interiors and enhances your Christmas ornaments and decorations as well.


There are no limits to lighting ideas for Christmas so use your imagination and brighten up your home. Decoration with smart lights has now opened up new possibilities for indoor lighting as well, so use them to your advantage and your home will be the talk of the town this Christmas! Christmas lighting is vital for creating joyous memories and captivating your guests.

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Can you use LED strip lights as outdoor Christmas lights?

Yes, you can use LED strip lights as outdoor lights. Crompton’s strip lights are mercury-free and follow BIS Safety Standards which make them absolutely safe to use outdoors. In addition, Crompton’s Galaxy Rope Lights are waterproof as well, providing protection in case there is any contact with water.

Do outdoor Christmas lights use a lot of electricity?

Crompton’s LED lights are energy efficient, offering brighter light with lower energy consumption. In this way you can have a beautiful home without having to worry about your electricity bills. That being said, you must always switch your outdoor lights off before going to sleep to make sure you’re saving electricity. 

How do LED Christmas lights work?

LED Christmas lights have a high lumen efficiency with relatively low energy consumption. For example, Crompton’s Galaxy Strip lights have a lumen efficiency of 22 while functioning at 25 watts. 

How long do LED Christmas lights last?

Crompton’s LED strip lights come with a warranty period of two years. If these lights are not tampered with and handled with care during installation and removal, they are sure to last you for even longer.