5 Balcony Lighting Design Ideas To Elevate Your Home Decor

5 Balcony Lighting Ideas To Elevate Your Home Decor

  • 1 December

Where’s that one place you can go to catch a break from work, spend some time in peaceful meditation in the morning, or just enjoy a scenic view? Your balcony, right? It’s one of the most important parts of your home. It’s where you go to get some fresh air and enjoy your hot tea or coffee while looking at the world outside. It is where you keep your house plants and look after your small home garden. 

Your plants, balcony swing, or chair enhance the overall look of your balcony during the day, but when night falls, one way to enhance the beauty of your balcony is to creatively light it up. Decorative lights like LED lights for your balcony are a fantastic way to enhance the vibe of your apartment balcony.

We’ve compiled a list of 5 creative balcony lighting ideas to help you make your balcony more beautiful than ever.


Get Festive With Your Balcony

We live in a country where big festivals take place almost every month of the year. Lighting your home and balcony with outdoor lights is a great way to get into the festive spirit. This is also useful when hosting your own events, such as a birthday or dinner party. 

LED string lights, also known as balcony hanging lights, and bulbs are two options for elegant balcony lighting. Simply decorate them as you see fit, then flip the switch and watch how it transforms your balcony.


Spruce Up Your Balcony Walls with Stylish Lighting

You can also decorate the walls of your balcony with lights to improve the overall ambience of your balcony. Following balcony wall lighting ideas will make your balcony look even more pretty.

  • You can experiment with antique-looking wall sconce lights that are an excellent light choice for a small balcony.
  • Bulb string lights are also very popular as they create a beautiful backdrop on the balcony, especially on the side balcony walls. 
  • If your home’s aesthetics allow it, you can also install outdoor balcony ceiling lights, such as a modern chandelier, it’s a bold choice but it may work. 


Simply, Experiment With Different Decorative Lights

The possibilities for enhancing the look and feel of your balcony with lights are virtually limitless; there are numerous types of LED decorative lights with which you can experiment and bring your balcony light decoration to life. Here are four popular decorative lights you should consider adding to your balcony.


  • String Lights

In the market, you can find various types of balcony string lights with different patterns. You can wrap them around the railing, across your balcony, around your houseplants, or even attach them to the walls. Crompton offers copper string lights which can be used for a variety of home decor purposes. 


  • Rope Lights

LED rope lights are ideal for any occasion. They are inexpensive, simple to install and add a unique and exciting touch to your balcony. Rope lights on your ceiling are also a great way to add to the ambience of your balcony when you’re having guests over or having a romantic dinner with your partner. These lights can be adjusted to suit any mood, and multicoloured rope lights are ideal for Diwali or Christmas.


  • Strip Lights

LED strip lights are a simple and inexpensive way to brighten up any room in your house, including your balcony. LED tape lights blend seamlessly with your decor and can be used to provide backlighting to your balcony furniture or ceiling.


  • Lamps

Balcony lamp lights are another excellent way to illuminate your balcony. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with the most popular being paper lamp shades, which are cost-effective and add a nice touch to your overall home decor. If you prefer, you can also have antique-style hanging lamps installed on the ceiling of your balcony.


Aesthetic Lighting with Fairy Lights 

If you’re someone who enjoys socialising often and has a large spacious balcony then you should be able to host parties with your friends and families there. You can light up your balcony with fairy lights, boho seating arrangements, and a little touch of hanging house plants, which should create the perfect social atmosphere for your guests.


Swirl Your Railings With Lights

You can also use the railing to enhance the aesthetics of your balcony decor. LED string lights, fairy lights, or smart LED bulbs can be used for this; depending on the build and design of your balcony railing, you can swirl them around the rods or hang them.

However, be cautious because most balcony railings are made of iron, and a ripped wire in the lighting could cause you or someone else to experience a shock.

These are a couple of trendy balcony lighting design ideas that you can look into and use to light up your own balcony. If you wish to learn more about how to decorate and improve the ambience of your home, check out our blogs on mood lighting, styling your home with LED ceiling lights, and outdoor lighting to learn more.