Smart Lighting: In Insight into the Advanced Technology

Smart Lighting: An Insight into the advanced Lighting System

  • 12 October

Smart Lighting - Smart LED Bulbs Immensa - Crompton Smart Lighting - Smart LED Bulbs Immensa - Crompton

Smart lighting is the new solution for urban homes. Gone are the days when you worried about whether you switched off the light or not, or tolerated the high brightness and monochrome colours in the room. With today’s smart lighting technology, you can control and adjust the lighting in your home much more easily and efficiently. 


Smart Lighting System for a Smarter Lifestyle

The lighting industry is broadening its horizons and becoming the new trend in modern homes. From wifi-enabled lights to motion-detecting lights, they add a sleek and modern touch to your home. With Crompton, you can even control the brightness, colours and schedules of the lighting from the ‘My Crompton App’.


How do LED Smart Lights Work?

Many of the leading smart lights are able to connect to each other wirelessly with the help of a hub. This hub is connected to a router and it creates a network between all the smart lights which is the medium for communication. This network allows communication between personal assistant devices such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. 


Types of Smart Lighting Systems

There are many smart lighting systems to choose from whether it’s wifi-based or motion-sensing. We’re going to explain the different types of smart lights and their function so you know which one is best for you.

  • Wifi-based Smart Lights

These types of smart lights are able to connect to the Wifi in your home and this feature allows you to control each light from a smartphone application. 

  • Smart LED Bulbs

Smart LED light bulbs have an easier installation process and are more energy efficient in the long run as compared to incandescent bulbs. Crompton’s smart LED bulb comes with exciting features like switching between 16 million colours and modifying the brightness in the room, all just by using your smartphone. Explore more about Smart bulbs to know how to use them.

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  • Smart LED Battens

LED batten lights look like tube fixtures which are hung on the walls of your room. Crompton’s Immensa LED batten light offers a range of colours like cool white, natural light, warm white and biorhythmic light, allowing you to personalize the brightness and the colour of your lights according to your individual mood and needs.

  • Smart Lights Connected with Hubs

A hub is a device that can connect one network to another. In the case of smart lighting, a hub is a medium which connects the Wifi in your home to all the smart lights and many other smart devices that may be connected as well. You need to make sure your hub is compatible with all the smart devices you install in your home.

  • Motion Sensor Lights 

We’re sure you’ve all wanted to walk into a room and experience the lights switch on automatically. Motion sensor lights are able to do exactly that. This smart lighting system gets activated as soon as it detects any movement in the room. 


Benefits of Smart Lighting Technology 

Smart LED lights may seem expensive while purchasing, but in the long run the benefits outweigh the price. Here are some of the best benefits of smart lighting system as compared to conventional lights:


Smart lights can easily be connected to the Wifi in your home and controlled by your smartphone device. This simple connection is hassle-free and it allows you to switch your lights on and off, as well as control the brightness and colour of your lights. It can even connect with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Energy Efficiency 

With the ability to control the brightness of the lights, you can lower the brightness more often which will help in reducing your electricity bills. Furthermore, you do not need to worry about wondering if you have left your lights on or not, as you can easily set a timer or manually check how many lights are being used on the smartphone application.

Instant Mood Lighting 

It has been scientifically proven that the colour and brightness of the lights in your room can have a significant impact on your mood. You can adjust these settings based on different occasions like having a party in your house, getting ready for a movie night or simply relaxing and reading a book.

Wide Colour Range 

Crompton’s Immensa light bulb comes with a range of 16 million different colours which is sure to cater to every mood and preference in the family.

Maintains Circadian Rhythm 

A circadian rhythm acts like your body’s internal clock that makes you feel fresh in the morning and sleepy during the night. However, this rhythm can be disturbed if we tend to work late at night or sleep for long hours. With Crompton’s smart bulbs you can control the brightness and colour of your lights to be warm and low at night and set them to bright with a cool white appearance during the day. 


Why Choose Crompton’s Smart Lighting System?

Crompton’s smart lighting system blends innovation and technology. You will be able to find the right colour to suit every mood with its range of 16 million colours. With the ‘My Crompton App’ you can connect your lights to the Wifi and enjoy a smooth operation and scheduling process.