Office Lighting Ideas To Brighten Up Your Workspace

7 Office Lighting Ideas To Brighten Up Your Workspace

  • 15 December

Are you tired of lighting up your office with mundane tube lights or looking for some fresh ideas to spruce up your office interiors? Whatever it is, you have come to the right place. There are several factors to consider for the rooms in your office, such as the size of your workplace, the intensity of lighting required, and the type of lighting to create a productive and motivating work environment. 

Having the perfect office lighting which is appealing and easy on the eyes, results in a pleasant working environment. Even on those long tiring days, simple LED lighting in your office can help you stay productive. Here are some modern office lighting ideas that will brighten your workspace. If you’re you work from home, we’ve got you covered too with our Home office lighting ideas.


7 Modern Office Lighting Tips To Consider

  • Hang LED Battens From The Desks

Let’s start with the most important part of office space: your desk. The desk is where you and your team can sit down and get your work done, so you need to have it well-lit. Installing soft LED batten lights or hanging lights from the ceiling around the desk or above can really help set up a productive mood in your office

As a finishing touch for modern office lighting, add an adjustable LED desk lamp to provide concentrated and movable lighting which is very handy when it’s time to burn the midnight oil.

  • Strip Lights For The Desk Walls

If you want to get creative and design a warm ambiance around your workstations, strip lights are the best option. You can improve the lighting in your workspace by arranging LED strip lights across the desk walls and creating a glowing and productive atmosphere around desks. Let us help you with a guide to choose the right strip lights for your office.

  • Evenly Spread LED Downlights Across The Ceiling.

Now that the workstations are in place, it’s time to illuminate the entire office space. LED downlights are the best and most popular option when it comes to office lighting. Placing LED ceiling lights evenly throughout the office will ensure even light distribution, with no dark corners.

  • Track Lighting 

Unlike traditional recessed lighting and fluorescent lights, track lighting provides a little more style. There are several bulbs positioned along a bar in this type of fixture. If your office wants to create a minimalist, modern, or industrial style, this solution is perfect for you. 

  • Illuminate Your Achievements With Spotlights

Another great office decor idea is to have a dedicated shelving case to display your awards and achievements, similar to a wall of fame. What better light than a spotlight to highlight all of your company’s accomplishments? Fixing office spotlights with modern LED lighting above the roof, each shelf should brightly illuminate the awards and accolades and improve the overall look of your office, making it a more motivating space.

  • Decorative Lamps For Your Reception

Your reception area is the first thing anyone sees when they walk into your office, whether they are potential clients or employees. It should speak about your company and its value to anyone who enters, making the design of your reception lighting an important factor to consider for your office.

Decorative lamps for offices or hanging lights are a great choice to enhance the ambiance of your reception. Nevertheless, if you want to provide plenty of even, overhead lighting without having to include large fixtures that make a big statement, you can go for recessed lighting, where the bulbs are recessed into the ceiling, so they don’t hang or take up any space.

  • Light Up Your Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms and conference halls are another essential component of any office. This is where important decisions are made and ideas are born. You can set up mood lighting so you can customize the color of the light from a cool white color during the day to a warm color as well. Warm white lights are the best choice for lighting up your meeting rooms because they distribute light evenly and create a very encouraging atmosphere.

These are some popular modern office lighting ideas that you can use to improve the atmosphere of your workplace. Check out our blogs on home lighting, corridor lighting, and strip lights to learn how to decorate and improve the ambiance of your home.