Why are LED Lights better? Top 5 advantages of LED Lights

Why LED Lights Are Better? Top 5 Benefits

  • 2 December

When designing your new home or redecorating your existing one, always remember that an aspect that can make or break the look of your place is the lightning. Choosing the correct lights are crucial as lights have the power to complement your space and uplift the theme of your house, if picked correctly.

Ditch the plain old traditional light bulb and instead opt for the savvy LED lights. Here’s why LED Lights are better!


  1. Saves Electricity

Why LED Lights Are Better? Top 5 Benefits, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Limited

LED lights use less watt (power) per unit of light generated, which justifies that they not only have a long lifespan but also help in reducing your electricity bill when compared to consumption of traditional lighting. LED bulbs consume 85% less electricity compared to an incandescent bulb and gives a lower electricity bill by providing 100-120 lumens per watt, whereas CFLs use 65 lumens per watt. Clearly, LED bulbs are much more efficient.


  1. Longer Life

While traditional light bulbs require you to keep changing them every now and then, such is not the case with LED bulbs. Traditional bulbs have filaments that can fail unexpectedly. A Crompton LED bulb lasts for more than 25000 hours, which means that you can leave LED lighting fixtures for at least four years before you need a replacement.

Why LED Lights Are Better? Top 5 Benefits, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Limited

  1. Non-Toxic

LED lights do not contain toxic materials like mercury unlike their CFL, which are not only harmful to the environment but also affect your health. LED bulbs are 100% recyclable and also help to reduce the carbon footprint.


  1. Better Colouring Effects

LED lights have a higher Colour Rendering Index when compared to traditional lighting. This means that an LED bulb will reveal the actual colour of the objects in a much better way than their counterparts. Now enjoy great lighting and enhance your ambience with LED lights.


  1. Improved Safety

When it comes to lighting, the top hazard has to be the emission of heat. While traditional lights convert almost 90% of the total power directly to heat, LED remains cool on touch no matter how long it has been turned on for.  LED consumes less power and can operate on low voltage systems.

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The bonus advantage of these amazing lights, is that you can play around with tons of design options! So get the perfect LED lightning of your choice at Crompton’s!