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4 OTG Uses That Make Your Life Simpler

  • 8 September

Many times you might find yourself with different food cravings like cupcakes, cookies, paneer tandoori or roast chicken, etc. However, every meal that you eat requires the use of different kitchen appliances in your house. This tends to become inconvenient from time to time as you have to worry about the number of things you need to clean up as well. In addition, you need to keep a limit on the number of times you succumb to ordering food like kebabs, for the sake of your health.

This is where an OTG comes into the picture. Whether you want to bake delicious cupcakes or a fiery beef roast, an OTG is your best bet for delicious home-cooked meals. It’s one of the most versatile kitchen appliances that can cook, grill, bake, toast and barbeque, all in one. 

What is an OTG?

OTG is short for Oven, Toaster and Griller. The main difference between a microwave oven and an OTG is that an OTG is equipped with two heating rods at the top and the bottom of the OTG which emits heat, unlike an oven. The heating for these coils can be set according to what you’re cooking, be it grilling a beef steak, or baking some cookies. 

Crompton’s OTGs have an advanced heating technology at the top and bottom along with a high speed convection fan that allows an even heat distribution. This ensures that your food is not undercooked in some parts and cooked in others. It also comes with multiple accessories to make your OTG cooking experience easier and fun like a baking tray, crumb tray, skewer rods, wire grill, rotisserie removal tong and a recipe book which is certified by the IICA New Delhi Baking Academy.

Here are some of the best home uses of an OTG oven that makes your cooking simpler:

  • Make Some Delicious Desserts

With Crompton’s Baker’s Delight OTG you can make a range of delicious desserts, right from scrumptious pastries to delicious macaroons. Our 25-litre OTG oven is the perfect size for people who are more interested in baking desserts. The OTG has the right amount of space to allow your cupcakes and cakes to bake perfectly. Moreover, you can set a timer for your cakes so that you don’t forget about them in the oven, and an auto-shut-off feature to prevent them from getting burnt.

  • Grill Your Favourite Street Food at Home

Most of us look at the kebabs and roasts at our local street vendors and our mouths start watering as soon as we smell the aroma. Well, grilling your favourite street food at home is one of the best uses of an OTG oven in the kitchen. Anytime you are hosting a dinner or a party, it’s the perfect appetizer to prepare. Crompton’s Tandoor Magic OTG is available in 25ltr, 35ltr and 45ltr sizes, depending on how much you want to grill. The bigger OTG ovens are the perfect sizes to make roast turkeys and roast chickens if you are passionate about grilling. If you like baking some delicious pizzas, our 45 Ltr OTG comes with a pizza stone and free mittens as well. 

  • Bake Appetizing Snacks

From samosas and kachoris to french fries and chips, we can not resist these evening snacks. However, eating these foods on a regular basis can cause quite a concern for our health. Cooking with an OTG oven allows you to make these delectable snacks at home, using a much lesser amount of oil, without sacrificing flavour. You can just thinly slice the potatoes and brush them with a small amount of oil, rather than deep frying them in a huge pan of oil.

  • Toast to Perfection

There’s nothing like eating toasted bread and butter with a cup of chai on the side. Some would say it’s their staple breakfast or evening snack. With Crompton’s OTG, you can easily toast your bread and set a timer for it so that it won’t burn, allowing a perfectly toasted slice of bread every time. 

The uses of an OTG oven in the kitchen are numerous and diverse. It’s a better option for your kitchen if you tend to bake often, as it consumes lesser electricity as well, which can be a blessing for your electricity bill. An OTG oven for cooking also is cheaper in comparison to a microwave oven. Invest in an OTG today and make your cooking experience more simple and more enjoyable.