OTG vs Microwave: Which Should You Buy and Why?

OTG vs Microwave: Which Should You Buy and Why?

  • 15 May

You’ve probably heard many cooking enthusiasts talk about the benefits of different kitchen appliances and which ones are best suited for various cuisines. In the ‘OTG vs microwave’ discussion, some talk about how an OTG is an integral appliance for baking in the kitchen whereas others talk about the convenience and ease that comes with a microwave. We’re going to break down the benefits of both appliances and highlight how different features suit different individual needs. 


What is an OTG?


An OTG is short for oven, toaster and griller and is normally used to bake, grill and barbecue your food. It’s more convenient than conventional ovens as they are more compact and portable than traditional ovens. It contains metal coils which convert electricity directly into heat which helps in cooking the food thoroughly.

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What is a Microwave?


Modern kitchens have been completely transformed by microwave ovens. It is primarily used to quickly heat meals and for speedily performing time-consuming operations like melting butter or heating water.


Difference Between OTG and Microwave?


The main difference between these two appliances is how they function. While OTGs are equipped with metal coils that radiate heat to cook the food, this is a longer process. Microwaves on the other hand use specialised electromagnetic radiation to swiftly cook food by heating the food from the inside. However, the quality of the food cooked is not as good compared to OTG ovens. Here are some of the main differences between OTGs and microwave ovens.



OTGs are primarily used for baking, grilling and toasting, whereas microwave ovens can be used for many more things. If you want an appliance to perfectly bake a cake then an OTG is the right appliance for you. You will be able to hone your cooking skills and be satisfied with the results. One thing to keep in mind is that a microwave cannot give you the baking and grilling results of an OTG. However, if you’re looking for an appliance that can cook your food quickly and speed up your cooking process, a microwave oven is the right way to go.

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Cooking Time

They say ‘All good things come to those who wait’, and that is particularly true with OTGs. As these appliances use heated coils to cook food, the cooking process is much longer. However, Crompton’s OTG is equipped with advanced top and bottom heat technology which can help in cooking your food faster as there is even heat distribution. In addition, you can easily control the heat in because of its full temperature control range. Microwaves use micro radiation to quickly heat the food it contains hence the cooking time is comparatively shorter.

Power Consumption

OTGs are a clear winner when it comes to the OTG vs microwave battle for power consumption. This is because OTGs consume much less electricity than microwave ovens. Crompton’s OTG has an auto shut-off feature as well so that the appliance powers off after it’s done cooking.  


When it comes to usability, the popular opinion states that microwave ovens have higher usability than OTGs. They have a digital display feature that helps you keep track of the time and temperature. Crompton constantly strives to increase usability for the consumer which is why it is equipped with a full range temperature control knob, a timer knob and a function knob. The illuminated chamber also allows you to keep an eye on your food while it is cooking to make sure it doesn’t burn.


Since microwaves are designed to be used to swiftly reheat and cook meals, they are comparatively smaller than OTGs. However, if you want to bake and grill, chances are you will need a bigger appliance to accommodate your food. Crompton’s Baker’s Delight OTG series is 25 litres in size to accommodate meals like pizzas and cakes whereas Crompton’s Tandoori Magic OTG is available in three sizes; 25 litres, 35 litres and 45 litres. They also have a large window for complete visibility. Depending on the types of meals you want to prepare in your house, you can choose between an OTG and a microwave.

Now that you are aware of the difference between an OTG and a microwave oven, you are fully prepared to make the correct decision when it comes to choosing the right appliance for your kitchen. Crompton’s OTG ovens also come with a free recipe book, mittens and a pizza stone so you can make the best use of it!