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Which type of Room Heater is Good for your Health?

  • 26 March

The weather during the winter season can be really cold. For individuals with asthma, tuberculosis, lung disease and allergies prone to colds, it can get difficult to survive through this season. Thankfully, with the advancement in technology and science, you can get a lot of benefits during this season. One of these benefits is getting to use a room heater.

 Contrary to popular belief, room heaters are not hazardous to use. In fact, with the safety features provided by modern room heaters today, you can be assured of staying in the pink of health. So which type of room heater is good for health? Let us help you answer this question with some of the best room heaters available in the market today.


Best Room Heaters for Good Health


Wondering which room heater is best for your health? Whether you stay in a small or large home, you can pick from different types of room heaters available today and keep everyone in your family safe. Crompton’s selection of the best room heaters for the home is equipped with advanced features and lots of health benefits to keep you warm and comfy during the winter season.

1. Oil-Filled Radiator Room Heaters (OFR)

Oil room heaters, also known as oil-filled radiators, are built with a reservoir of stored oil that is warmed by the heating unit. This produces convection heating, which circulates warm air throughout your space. Oil room heaters are an efficient way to heat your home or office because they retain heat for longer periods of time.

 Additionally, they don’t cause any fire hazards despite being composed of oil since it is enclosed inside the body. The fins and the body also don’t get heated up. However, we recommend maintaining a distance while the room heater is plunged on.

 You can choose Crompton’s Insta Ferve Oil room heater which is considered the best healthy room heater available today. It keeps the air around you warm but not too much to make your skin dry or cause any infections. Moreover, it does not contribute to oxygen depletion, hence keeping the oxygen levels adequate in your room. This room heater appliance also has less carbon footprint in comparison to other room heaters. Hence, they are considered to be great for the environment. They also run on low energy making it ideal for you to save on your monthly electricity bills. To know the differences between Oil-filled room heaters and Electric room heaters, click on our blog.

 2. Halogen Room Heaters

If you’re looking for a room heater good for your health, you can consider getting a halogen room heater. Halogen heaters are some of the most budget-friendly and convenient heaters on the market because they quickly heat up enclosed spaces. They use halogen rods to spread warmth and the current models use light as a source of heat, making them one of the safest heaters available. Halogen heaters are very efficient because the light emitted from them is predominantly invisible infrared (heat). 

Crompton Insta Cozy Halogen Heater comes with a four-level safety. It offers tip-over protection, which is useful when the heater tips over; the safety grill makes the heating element out of reach for children, and the cool touch plastic body ensures that the body remains cool and easy to operate.

3. Blower Room Heaters (Heat Convectors)

Using a blower to circulate wind around a room, heat convectors or blower room heaters use a FecrAl Alloy Wire mounted on a mica insulator. The surrounding cooler air is converted into warm air and blown upwards in a smooth, cycling process that creates a consistent flow of warmth. They are energy-efficient, portable and safe for daily use.

 Crompton offers 3 types of blower room heaters, each equipped with unique features to keep you warm during the winter months. Each heater has different heat-setting levels. While considered to be safe devices, it is advisable to keep blower heaters away from flammable items and children and pets. Rest assured, this type of heater comes with an automatic turn-off facility that prevents any mishaps at home.


What Makes Crompton the Best Indian Brand for Room Heaters?


Crompton’s range of room heaters is not only superior in aesthetics but also in its features. If you’re wondering which room heater is good for your health, then you can trust Crompton to keep you and your family safe. From safety features to powerful heating systems, these room heaters are perfect for every type of home. They also have shock-proof bodies which makes them safe for use by every member of the family.

 Pick a safe room heater from our selection today to get started in the winter season. To choose the right room heater, we’ve got you covered with our room heater buying guide.


FAQs about Room Heaters


1. Is a Halogen Room heater good for Health?

Yes, a halogen room heater is good for health. Equipped with different safety levels, it prevents you and your home from getting indulged in accidental fires or shocks from the appliance body. You can use the halogen room heaters at your convenience and enjoy the winter season warm and cosy.

2. What is the safest room heater for the bedroom?

While using a room heater for your bedroom, it is important to not let the appliance on after you fall asleep. In case of accidental spills or a short circuit, mishaps can occur in your home. We recommend choosing a room heater that comes with an automatic power-off feature. This means that even if you fall asleep with the room heater switched on, the appliance will automatically detect how soon the room warms up and shut off. This will ensure you have a sound sleep while staying warm, and are using your room heater efficiently.

3. Can electric heaters cause breathing problems?

Electric heaters do not cause breathing problems as long as they don’t contribute to oxygen depletion. Most modern heaters today are equipped with advanced features to ease the struggles of people with asthma, shortness of breath, lung disease and other health issues. Hence, today’s modern heaters are ideal for good health.

4. Do Room heaters reduce Oxygen?

No, today’s room heaters do not reduce oxygen. In fact, they keep the temperature adequate in your room while maintaining adequate oxygen in the air.