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Which Room Heater is Best for Home?

  • 26 March

While you may be thinking about the different things you can do to keep your home warm, you need to make sure that you are also looking at a number of other things as well during the winter season. To begin with, investing in the best space heater for your home is a great idea.

 A portable heater for home is an appliance that you can use to keep yourself warm and which can be used to make your home feel more comfortable. Space heaters are great for when you’re trying to save on your energy bill or get out of using the fireplace. They are a perfect way to heat up a small room. They are also a lot safer than a fireplace and don’t produce toxic byproducts.

 The below article elaborates on the benefits of a heater which can help you out in a big way if you are planning to purchase one for your home. With the winter season in full swing, purchasing the best space heater for your home is a necessity.


Features of Crompton Space Heaters


Wondering what are the benefits of room heaters? By purchasing a recognisable brand like Crompton from the market, you can be assured of making the most of your space heaters in the winter season.


  •     Ensures safety: While safety should always be a top priority, it’s especially important to look for safety features in a room heater before making a purchase. By ensuring that the room heater features some safety options, you can help prevent any potential hazards. Always keep the Room heater safety tips in mind while using a room heater.
  •     Energy efficiency: It’s easy to get caught up in choosing the best space heater for your home that looks good and compliments the aesthetic of your abode. However, it’s important not to forget about how much it costs to run. Always look for an energy-efficient option that won’t make your electricity bill skyrocket. To calculate the power consumption of your room heater, click to read.
  •     Cost of the best room heater: Price is always an important factor to consider before making any kind of purchase, and this is especially true when it comes to choosing the best electric heater for your home. The price of a c heater can vary depending on the type of heater you choose.
  •     Noise: Noise is often an overlooked factor, but it’s important to consider when making your decision on the best room heater to use while sleeping. You want something that will produce minimal noise so you can get a good night’s rest, so be sure to check the noise decibels before making your purchase.

 Refer to the Room heater buying guide to choose the right one.

Which Space Heater is Ideal for your Home?


With the umpteen space heater options available in the market, it might get difficult to choose the best room heater for your home. We have further elaborated on 4 different types of room heater options that are ideal for small and big homes. You can make an informed decision by weighing out their pros and cons and making the winter season comfortable for everyone in your family.


4 Best Room Heaters To Choose Today


1. Blower Room Heater

Blower room heaters or convection heaters are a great way to keep warm during the winter months, especially if you live in a country with a shorter winter season. Convection heaters use a blower to distribute heat around the room, and they are smaller in size, making them perfect for apartments or small homes.


You can check out the Crompton Heat Convector products to choose the best room heater for your home. It comes in 3 different options –


  • Introducing the Insta Airohot – a convector heater that’s easy to use and comes with a two-heat setting and an adjustable thermostat. Its heater blower is equipped with a turbofan design and is positioned on a height-adjustable stand. It also has a cool touch handle and a cord winder.
  • The Insta Delight is one of the best space heaters for the home if you want to control the heat settings on your appliance. It has 3 heat settings to choose from and also consists of a turbo-design fan.
  • Crompton’s Insta Comfort room heater is equipped with two heat settings. It has an adjustable thermostat and the blower spreads heat evenly around the room. You can also place it vertically thanks to its vertical mounting setting.

2. Portable Room Heater

Portable heaters for rooms like Crompton’s Halogen heaters are ideal for small spaces. It runs on low power consumption and has a high heating output, keeping you snug during the winter months. This heater is not only convenient, but it’s budget-friendly as well as it usually quickly heats up an enclosed space. The halogen heater prices are reasonable and this type of heater uses halogen rods to spread warmth throughout the area.

3. Electric Room Heater

Crompton’s electric room heaters instantly radiate heat in a space. They are the best room heaters for large rooms and have heating elements with a high wattage. They also have stainless steel reflectors that prevent rusting due to the heating of the coils. These room heaters are also backed with a warranty of at least a year to ensure quarterly maintenance, at no extra cost.

4. Radiator Room Heater

As the name suggests, these room heaters radiate heat evenly across any room. The Insta-Ferve oil-filled heater by Crompton is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an oil room heater. Oil is used inside the machine to heat up and distribute warmth throughout the room with the help of large fins. One of the main benefits of an oil-filled room heater is that it doesn’t reduce oxygen levels in the room, so you won’t feel suffocated or have your skin dry out. Additionally, this Crompton heater has a safety feature that kicks in and automatically shuts off the device if it falls over.


Why Choose Crompton for your Space Heater Needs?


Crompton offers some of the best room heaters for large rooms as well as small spaces. Hence, they are perfect for every type of family in India. We offer the best room heaters at affordable rates and with a lasting warranty to ensure that you stay toasty throughout the winter season. Our room heaters are smartly designed, adding to the aesthetics of your space and providing the best heating solutions all year round.