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Which Air Coolers Are Advised To Be Used In India?

  • 14 May

Most part of India mainly has a sub-tropical climate and experiences very hot summers and mild winters. Such climate requires cooling appliances that are suitable for specific conditions. Monsoon and other tropical weather patterns in India can be unstable. As India is surrounded by ocean from the south, many states experience a humid summer climate.

There are different types of room coolers that may be suitable for different geographic locations and various climates across different areas. Indian climate needs air coolers which can decrease the heat and humidity and push the cool air in an enclosed room. Also, people need compact designed air coolers that take less space in the house. The consumption of energy by air coolers is also a major concern for the consumers.

Which Air Coolers Are Advised To Be Used In India?, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Limited

Window air coolers are suitable for India’s weather and they do not take up much space in the house. These air coolers have a unit that is installed at the window frame due to which the major space is taken outside the window and minimal in the house wall. These coolers provide cooling with the principle of water evaporation and reduce the temperature of an enclosed room. A major population of India lives in houses that are small in space and thus window air coolers are suitable to clean the air in such rooms and push cool, fresh air. Crompton air coolers include various window air coolers such as Ozone Chill, Ozone Classic 54, Optimus Prime 70, etc. These air coolers by Crompton are also budget-friendly and come with the latest features. Window air coolers can be beneficial for humid locations, thus the southern part of India may require these types of coolers for better cooling. These coolers also have a provision of placing them on a trolley for easy mobility.

Which Air Coolers Are Advised To Be Used In India?, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Limited

Another type of air cooler that Indians can have is the Desert air cooler. This type of cooler is suitable for locations in the western region of India that has less humidity and more heat. As such climate is mainly found in the desert regions these air coolers are named ‘Desert coolers’. These air coolers can instantly decrease the temperature in the room. Desert air coolers are suitable for approximately an area of 650 sq.ft. These coolers can provide tank capacity 65L-100L. Crompton offers a wide range of desert coolers such as Optimus 65i, Optimus 65, Optimus 100, Ozone 55, 75, 88. These air coolers have functions such as honeycomb cooling pads, mosquito-free and dust filter net, automatic drain function, ever last pump etc.

Which Air Coolers Are Advised To Be Used In India?, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Limited

Tower air coolers are powerful units that can reduce the temperature of larger spaces and provide cooling. Personal air coolers may not prove to be the best option if bigger space needs cooling. Thus, Tower air coolers can prove to be a better choice for houses with larger space and more people. Also, these air coolers are designed to be quiet and create less noise. The air is distributed in a vertical direction for better cooling in bigger rooms. Tower air coolers use both, fan and water to push fresh and cool air. Crompton has different models such as Optimus Neo 27, 35, 35i & 52 that include features like low-level water indicator, water drain plug, ever last pump and smart digital functions with a remote operator. Tower air coolers may cost slightly more in comparison to other types of air coolers. These air coolers are good to use in larger locations where heat is more, but humidity is less. Most of the northern states in India have such a type of climate.

India’s subtropical climate requires the features of the above-mentioned types of air coolers. Due to the various climate conditions in India’s different regions, air coolers that suit the weather in the particular region must be used. Crompton’s range of air coolers offer coolers that are suitable for Indian climate and helps you get the one suitable for your region.