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What’s Better For You: Air Coolers or Air Conditioners?

  • 6 May

As the heat starts rising, leading up to the hot summer months, an age-old debate on whether you should invest in air coolers or air conditioners is beginning to find its way in many users’ minds. Fear not, we are here to help you decide which of these appliances is best for your home. Let’s begin! 

5 Reasons Why you should buy an Air cooler instead of an Air Conditioner

1. Air Circulation

The way air conditioners and air coolers work are very different from each other. Air conditioners circulate the same dry air in the room whereas an air cooler passes the hot air into its cooling system to expel any heat and then throws it out into the room. This fastens the cooling process and makes sure that you experience Jaldi Cooling while there a constant flow of fresh air in the room. 

2. Economical 

We all know that the cost of air conditioners greatly outweighs the cost of an air cooler. Not only in terms of the product price but also the cost of maintenance. Air coolers consume less electricity when compared to an air conditioner which lowers the electricity bill as well, making it a more affordable and economical option to invest in. 

3. Eco-friendly 

Air coolers and air conditioners use different materials for cooling. Air coolers use inbuilt cooling pads soaked with water to cool the hot air passing through whereas air conditioners use synthetically produced chemicals like chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) to provide cooling. Such chemicals contribute to phenomenons like global warming and ozone depletion which is detrimental to the environment. 

4. Portable 

One of the other main differences between air conditioners and air coolers is the ability to be transported from one place to another. Air conditioners are fixed to one spot while air coolers not only focuses on superior and instant cooling but also comes with wheels attached for easy mobility.

5. Maintenance

Air conditioners and air coolers are appliances that are used extremely often. With time, they can undergo some wear and tear. So to improve the longevity of the appliances they must be maintained well. Air conditioners can be problematic and difficult to manage in the long run because they require frequent and professional maintenance. Air coolers are more user-friendly and easy to maintain. Some air coolers come equipped with features like auto-drain, hard water-compatible pumps, etc which make it easier to manage. 

Now that you are aware of the differences that exist between the two, we hope that the next time you go to buy an air conditioner or an air cooler online or in the store, you will keep these pointers in mind while making your choice. Go forth and invest in a wonderfully cool summer!