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What Do I Choose: Window Air Coolers or Tower Air Cooler?

  • 7 May

Confused between Window air coolers and Tower coolers? Here's the Guide to help you choose the right one for you. Confused between Window air coolers and Tower coolers? Here's the Guide to help you choose the right one for you.

When the summer heat is at the peak there is a need for some extra cooling to stay away from that repulsive perspiration. But there’s always a confusion on what kind of air cooler is a better option for you, isn’t it? When it comes to selecting an air cooler it is very important to consider the type of air cooler, its size, working mechanism and place of utilisation. An air cooler which doesn’t meet the requirements of the room like fitting arrangements, size and pax utility wouldn’t be a considered as an ideal purchase. 

Both window air coolers and tower air coolers are specifically designed using advance technology to provide satisfactory air delivery at specific locations. When you desire air delivery at a certain height and from a certain distance, tower air coolers are the recommended option. For instance, in your bedroom, you can use a tower air cooler by placing it at a certain distance from your bed to experience maximum air delivery. On the other hand window air coolers are fixtures for your window. They are fitted at your window as conventional air cooler with huge tanks. They enable waste of zero land space which makes it ideal to be used in a comparatively less spacious rooms. 

Window air coolers as the name suggests are to be mounted at the window which enables better cooling as it sucks in the fresh air from outside and then processes it. In a window air cooler, air passes over a damp pad. The moisture found on this damp pad evaporates and hence cools the air adding moisture. Window air cooler is a viable option if you are located in a low-humidity area. The wide range of window air coolers by Crompton are designed with excellence using high-end technologies and features. It provides efficient air delivery while maintaining low noise index.

There are times when you desire cool air delivery at a certain height. Designed with utmost efficiency, Crompton tower air coolers efficiently provide cool air delivery at a desired height. They are best used in places like huge bedrooms were you want to experience cooling at an elevation, kitchen where air conditioners are not advisable and the cooling from a fan won’t suffice and also at large hotel lobbies where air is directly expected near the seating area.

Crompton coolers offers a wide range of tower and window air coolers. Opium Prime 70, Ozone Chill, Optimus Neo are some recommended options among others. Crompton coolers are highly efficient and they not only provide you with the best air delivery but also makes your living cooler, simpler with advance technology. 

Whenever you plan to buy an air cooler always keep in mind where you would want to place it, the size of the room and the size of your air cooler you desire. It is advised to consider these points which shall help you experience effective air delivery. To wider your options you can also explore the world of personal air coolers and desert air coolers from here.

With Crompton air coolers experience air delivery like never before!