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5 Ways You Can Use Your Electric Kettle

  • 22 April

5 Ways To Use Electric Kettle - Crompton 5 Ways To Use Electric Kettle - Crompton

Whether you’re living an active lifestyle, channelling your inner work-at-home-olic or just spending your lockdown days binge-watching shows in your bed, an electric kettle is a perfect appliance to rely on for your daily needs. The common misconception most people seem to have is that a kettle is only a tool made for boiling water in the absence of gas, no more than an electric water heater. In reality, an electric kettle is a very versatile device that can make everything from making tea to oats easier. It’s well equipped to be your new and efficient beverage buddy since there are so many ways to use an electric kettle.

Whether you’re a proud owner of a Crompton Activhot Electric Kettle or just someone looking to make the most of your current electric kettle, here are seven ways to use electric kettle and make most of out it:

1. Tea

Using Electric Kettle - Tea - Crompton

No matter what you fancy, be it English Tea, Darjeeling Tea, Green Tea or Blue Pea Tea, making it with an electric kettle is as easy as Chai. An electric kettle boils water at a speed twice that of a stove. Once boiled, you can use the hot water with loose packets or tea bags so you’re always prepared for the ‘last minute’ monsoon season combo of pakodas and chai you’re secretly always thinking about.

2. Coffee

Using Electric Kettle - Coffee - Crompton

If you happen to be a caffeine lover, rest assured that the electric kettle can more than handle your coffee needs as it boils water at the touch of a button. It works great for preparing a quick hot brew, using instant coffee (grind it with an electric mixer grinder for speed) and even the perfect french press is also easily achievable if you have the time and patience of course. Once it’s done, nothing else matters…just you, your amazing coffee, and your kettle.

3. Instant Noodles

Using Electric Kettle - Instant Noodles - Crompton

With the current scenario of working from home in this pandemic situation, a whole new people around the world have taught themselves how to cook some amazing recipes. However, we’ll argue that instant noodles have a charm of their own. You can make a healthier version of it at home – just use an electric mixer grinder to chop up some veggies, half-cook some noodles, and toss them in a jar with spices and sauces of your choice and add hot water whenever you’re craving some instant noodles.

4. Hot Chocolate

Using Electric Kettle - Hot Chocolate - Crompton

Yes, you read that right, we’re talking chocolate now! Chocolate is the ultimate dessert, there’s no sweet treat more pure or divine. So when you plan to keep it simple and sip on some plain hot chocolate, or up your sugar game with some marshmallows, an electric kettle is the device that always plays nice. Stir in some chocolate powder with hot water or a splash of milk and prepare to sip on something delicious!

5. Oats

Using Electric Kettle - Oats - Crompton

Speaking of healthy meals, oats are yet another nutrient source that you can prepare with your electric kettle. Whether it’s healthy oats and honey cereals for a morning munch or a late-night meal such as spicy masala oats, the kettle helps you prep your meal before you can say, “Let’s just order out”. Most instant oats cook well in hot water, and the kettle takes the fuss out of preparing it.

To sum things up, there are many ways to use electric kettles. It’s is efficient and goes easy on the bill, saves you time in the kitchen, and is definitely more portable than any stove. Add to the fact that you can whip up a whole variety of everyday essentials with it and it’s a purchase that just makes sense.

If you wish to get a new one and happen to browse for an electric kettle online, don’t forget to take a look at the Crompton Activhot series with 1L and 1.5L variants. Our kettles come with a stainless steel spout and double wall protection that ensures its surface doesn’t heat up while in use, making it easy to handle. There’s also added convenience with the 360-degree swivel base and an auto shut-off switch.  The premium matte design is an added bonus! Find out more about Crompton Electric Kettles here.