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Types Of Water Heaters You Need To Know About

  • 9 May

Water Heater is one of the electronic appliances used at home on a daily basis. But did you know that water heaters have different types and each one of it has a unique purpose? If you are looking for a water heater that fits into your requirements, you must know about the different ranges available in the market. Knowing about the range of water heaters shall also help you identify what you really need in your water heater. Before buying any electronic product you may definitely need to know about what features are required in it so that you try and pick the best. The energy-saving, different materials used, the storage capacity, instant heating, maintenance and repairs etc. are the points to keep in mind while choosing a water heater. The appliance must be easy to use and efficient as well. 

There are mainly three different types of water heaters:-

Storage Water Heaters 

Storage water heater maximizes the storage capacity for water and offers a ready reservoir. It releases heated water from the top of the tank when the heat tap is turned on. For such heaters, the fuel source can be natural gas, propane, fuel oil or electricity. Storage water heaters are good for both, household and commercial use. Crompton’s Amica, water storage heater consists of superior quality polymer coating that gives quick heating. The operating system for storage water heaters is also very simple. These heaters require less maintenance and repairs, thus they are perfect for commercial purposes too. 

Instant Water Heater

An instant water heater provides hot water in the amount required and it is highly energy efficient. It saves up to 24%-34% of the energy cost. This type of heater is mostly considered by all, as it has many advantages. When you turn on the tap, cold water is transferred to the heater and is heated. As the name instant water heater suggests, the heating is instantaneous without the need for storing water. Crompton Aqua Plus is one of the instant water heaters that provide best features with a compact design. You need not worry about the waste of energy with instant water heaters. This type of heaters are best for smaller spaces as they can be easily fitted in less space, and the installation is also less complex. Instant water heaters tend to serve for a longer period of time.

Immersion Rods

Immersion rods are basic water heating appliance. They are a different way of water heating wherein an electric rod that looks like a loop, is immersed in water to heat it. It can heat up to a bucket of water. The appliance has to be connected with a switch for electricity and as the rod charges up, the water is heated. The immersion rod has a switch button for on and off, therefore when the water is heated as per your requirement you need to turn off the switch. This appliance needs to be used with safety measures and precaution. The latest models have indicators to make the process user-friendly and easy. The best advantage is that Immersion rods are very budget-friendly and do not cost as much as the other types of water heaters. There is no need for any installation and it is easy to use, keeping in mind the safety measure. This is an instant way of water heating with no issues of using much energy or the requirement of water storage. 

Water heaters by Crompton offer a variety of heaters with the latest features. Different types of water heaters provide different facility and allow functions like storage of water instant heating, compact design etc. Having prior knowledge of these features helps one make an informed decision while buying a water heater.