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Types of Food Prep Appliances You Should Know About

  • 29 June

Gone are the days when you had to use mortar and pestles just to get finely ground spices or when you had to stomp on your fruits for fresh juice! With the introduction of advance technologies and innovations, we now have a wide variety of efficient appliances that perform these functions in a matter of seconds.

While food preparation is part and parcel of life, the stress and hassle that comes along with it definitely aren’t! So, make sure to grab a cuppa joe, sit back and learn more about the various types of food prep appliances found in modern Indian kitchens. Let’s begin!

Mixer Grinders 

Chutneys, ice-creams and masalas, a mixer grinder plays a huge role in the preparation of all your favourite foods. Mixer grinders usually come equipped with sharp blades that are used to grind even the hardest of ingredients like nuts, black peppers, cloves, etc. Being the most versatile of the lot, mixer grinders also have several different attachments which give it an edge over the other appliances.

Keeping in mind its time-saving feature, Crompton introduced the Ameo Mixer Grinder, a product that combines its ergonomically sound design and advance MaxiGrind technology to give you the finest grind.


Juicers, as the name suggests, is used to extract the juice of vegetables and fruits. With a juicer, you get the most delicious, pulp and fibre free juices that are ready to consume in just a matter of minutes. Apart from traditional mixer grinders, several juicer mixer grinder variants have also been made available online.

The benefits of juicing are widely known and so to make them readily available to you, Crompton has introduced the Prima RJ Plus. This juicer comes equipped with specially designed blades and a variety of speed controls to help you get the best ‘fruit of your labour’!

Food Processors 

This beast of an appliance can perform several functions like blending, kneading, dicing, shredding, etc. the list goes on. With a food processor, you can easily make dips like salsas and hummus, knead your dough and much more. This not only makes food preparation easier but also much quicker!

To help you make mealtime effortless, Crompton has introduced the Omnia Food Processor which comes equipped with superior blade function for quick and precise processing.

With this, we conclude our list of food prep appliances that you must know about. Check out our extensive range of safe, eco-friendly and high performing mixer grinders, juicers and food processors online and step up your food prep game!