Traditional iron v/s steam iron - a war on wrinkles resolved by Crompton

Traditional Iron v/s Steam Iron

  • 8 March

Crompton iron press Crompton iron press

You want to look your best on every occasion, don’t you? From first impressions at interviews, to casual meetings to parties, every outing requires you to sport a crisp look. And, one way to nail your appearance is by wearing well-ironed clothes. If you are looking for the best steam iron in India or are willing to replace your existing one, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the options available. Choosing the right iron press requires looking through essential features before buying it. One primary consideration is deciding between a traditional iron press and a steam iron press. Dry iron is the best if you need to press clothes for a crease-free and sharp look for everyday use. They come in handy for clothes made of silk and other fabrics that need extra care and gentle heat. 

Steam iron is more like an improved version of a dry iron. It is much easier to press clothes that have stiff and stubborn wrinkles with a steam iron. This is because the moisture released from the steam holes improves the fabric texture, making it easier to create a smooth and flawless crease. To understand which one is best for your home, let’s look at the different aspects of a steam iron and a traditional iron.


Steam for smooth crease removal 

Have you ever come across a crease on your shirt that just refuses to straighten up? If you have tried dry ironing these creases, sometimes they get stiff and create wrinkles around the areas of your shirt. At the most, you can use water sprays or place a damp cloth beneath the fabric to smoothen the crease, which may or may not aid in easy crease removal. 

 On the other hand, a steam iron is the best pick when dampness is needed for crease-prone fabrics such as cotton. To generate steam, most iron presses have built-in water tanks. For example, Crompton’s Fabrismart has a large tank capacity of 200 ml, allowing you to press all of your clothes at once. It also has anti-drip technology, which automatically shuts off the water outlets when the steam is insufficient to produce heat.


Optimal temperature settings

Selecting the right temperature of your iron press is paramount if you want to give a premium look to your clothes. Generally, silk and synthetic garments work best in the temperature range of 350°F, so opting for Crompton dry irons with adjustable heat settings gives your clothes a gentle finish. 

But for garments like wool or cotton that need 400°F for a wrinkle-free look, FabriMax steam iron is the best pick. Additionally, it is loaded with six fabric setting options allowing a user-friendly experience. 


Lightweight for your convenience

 Some of the dry irons weigh around 1.75Kg, whereas Crompton steam iron for clothes weighs around 1.5 Kg. Even being lightweight, the Crompton iron press offers you excellent press.


Versatility that doesn’t let you down

Crompton’s FabriSmart steam iron is the best pick when it comes to versatility. It can be used as both traditional and steam iron, just empty the water tank and switch off the steam production. Additionally, FabriMagic offers a smooth gliding ironing experience with its ceramic soleplate coating. 

In conclusion, the choice of the iron press depends on your fabric. Heavy material clothes will need more moisture for a wrinkle-free look. If you are willing to upgrade your iron press then, consider choosing the right iron press with Crompton’s exclusive range of premium irons/इस्त्री of dry irons and steam irons. They are equipped with a 360° swivel power cord, making the iron press mobility smooth even at difficult angles. Nevertheless, no matter what type of iron press you choose, you will have Crompton’s seal of safety, performance, and warranty with each of them.