Why You Need New Air Coolers - Find This Warning Signs Before Summer

Signs You Need A New Air Cooler

  • 1 July

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With every summer, comes the need for a Crompton air cooler. Even though they are low maintenance, all types of coolers including desert coolers and cooling towers need to be taken care of. Often, people miss the maintenance signs and are unable to tell if they need a new cooler. After a few sets of repairs, you should seriously consider if you need to repair or replace your air cooler.

When to Buy New Air Conditioner

  • Water Leaks

Water tanks of the coolers should be sealed well since those are used as the main refrigerant. If your water tank is leaking, it is a sign that there could be a more serious problem. Get that checked and consider replacing your cooler based on what the technician suggests.

  • Emits annoying sounds or pungent smells

You must’ve noticed that air coolers usually make little to no noise when they’re on. But as they get older, they get louder and this is a sign that your cooler might need some repairing. When the cooler starts making strange sounds with or without the emission of pungent smells, you should get a new cooler.

  • Less Cooling

The main purpose of your cooler is to provide cool air. When it does not cool effectively anymore, you should get it serviced properly. If it does not function well even after servicing, it is time for you to get a new cooling system.

  • Cooler shows Significant Deterioration

Like all machines, your cooler will also wear out after a certain period of time. Since air coolers use water to operate, the cooling pads and the tank will accumulate minerals that will lead to water damage and cause rust. This will affect the energy efficiency and will impact the interior working of the cooler. When you notice this, it is time to consider getting a new cooler.

  • Hindered Functionality

Over time, your air cooler will not function properly even with multiple repairs and regular maintenance. You will notice significant damage and some parts may even be beyond repair. This is a clear sign that you need to replace your cooler.

  • Frequent repairs

When the coolers get old, they start breaking down even after you’ve regularly maintained them. If your cooler starts breaking down often and has to be repaired frequently, invest in a new air cooler rather than fixing the same one over and over again.

  • No longer energy efficient

When your cooler is left with significant deterioration, less cooling, etc, it no longer remains energy efficient. The damage not only consumes more electricity but also forces you to spend a lot more money on it. In cases like these, it is better to invest in an affordable yet feature-rich air cooler like Crompton Optimus 65i than to continue to spend money on repairs.

When looking to buy an air cooler online or offline, you should consider multiple factors like the size of the room, water capacity, humidity, durability, speed, performance, etc. Take a look at Crompton’s Air coolers that come in multiple varieties including desert cooler, window cooler, cooling tower, personal cooler, and more. All Crompton coolers are built with features like wider-angle

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