Sandwich makers - How to buy, use and a clean a Sandwich Maker

Sandwich Toasters & Grillers: An Extensive Guide

  • 7 November

Sandwich Makers: An introduction to Toasters and Grillers

Munching on a sandwich is the easiest way to put your hunger pangs to rest. So how do you go about making a delicious sandwich? We recommend getting your hands on the best toaster and griller available.

In this guide, we elaborate on the difference between toasters and grillers, how to use a sandwich maker, how to clean a toaster from the inside and the ideal sandwich maker or toaster to invest in. Read further to understand all you need to make your kitchen time worthwhile.

Difference between a Sandwich Toaster and Griller

If you’re asking yourself what is the difference between a toaster and griller, let us narrow it down for you.

The best grillers can be used to grill different types of food including bread. They have grill lines which need to be buttered up before placing a food item to attain the perfect roast. They can be a little heavy on your pockets but have a higher cooking capacity than sandwich toasters.

If you’re considering buying a toaster, you should be aware that it doesn’t have any grill lines. So you can place your sandwich directly on the appliance and shut it to toast it up. Loaves of bread have to be used to achieve desired results. The cost of a sandwich maker or toaster is cheaper than buying a griller. However, only one or two loaves of bread can be toasted at a time in a sandwich toaster.

If you live alone or have a small family size, buying a sandwich toaster is the perfect choice. In the next section, you can learn how to use a sandwich maker.

How to use a Sandwich maker or toaster?

Wondering how to use sandwich toasters? Follow the below-mentioned steps to make yummy sandwiches whenever you get hungry.

1. Plug in the sandwich toaster to a power source. Switch it on but don’t open its unit unless it heats up. 

2. Look over the LED light and wait for it to automatically turn off. It takes around a minute to heat up.

3. Once the light turns off, place your sandwich in the unit and shut it. You can hear the sandwich sizzle as it gets toasted. For best results, it is recommended that you pour a teaspoon of vegetable oil on the non-stick plates.

4. You can open the toaster to add a butter or cheese spread if you like. If not, open it once to see if it’s become as toasty as you prefer.

5. Wait for 2-4 minutes till the LED light indicator turns on.

6. Open the lid and carefully take out your sandwich and place it on a plate.

7. Switch off the sandwich maker and disconnect it from the main power source.

8. Enjoy your sandwich hot!

You’ll be happy to make a sandwich that is toasted from all sides, giving you the perfect taste every single time. This is one of the advantages of using a sandwich toaster in addition to it being quick and easy to use. The appliance is also portable which means you can carry it anywhere with you.

After enjoying your sandwich, don’t forget to clean the appliance. Not sure how to clean a toaster? Check out the next section to find out.

How to clean a Toaster or Griller?

Cleaning a toaster can be established in just a few minutes. All it takes is 3 easy steps and you can say hello to a squeaky clean appliance, waiting for you to use it again!

Follow the below-mentioned steps to know how to clean a toaster.

1. Unplug your toaster after using it and wait for it to cool down. There is no need to disassemble the Grill Toaster for cleaning. Never immerse the Grill Toaster in water or place it in a dishwasher. 

2. Using a paper towel or dry sponge, clean the toasting plates carefully. Remove any cribs or oil smears as much as possible.

3. The cooking plates can be cleaned in water or dishwasher.

4. Wipe the cooking plates with a soft cloth to remove food residue. For baked on food residue, squeeze some warm water mixed with detergent over the food residue and then clean it with a non-abrasive plastic scouring pad or place wet kitchen paper over the grill to moisten the food residue.

5. Do not use anything abrasive that can scratch or damage the non-stick coating. 

6. Wipe the outside of the grill toaster with a damp cloth only.

7. Close the lids of the unit and put it back in the box, or tuck it in a corner of your kitchen to use it the next time.

Ensure that the sandwich maker is not cleaned like other kitchen appliances. You only have to clean the toasting/ grilling plates inside, and not the whole unit. Hence, we strongly suggest not putting your toaster in a dishwasher.

Buy the right Sandwich maker for your kitchen

Looking to buy the best sandwich maker available in the market? You need to look for a brand that makes sandwich makers with adequate functionalities. This can include a LED light indicator, automatic power-off controls and safety handles to make your toasting experience worth the investment.

Crompton’s range of sandwich toasters and grillers are ideal for small and big families. Equipped with a non-stick food-grade coating that keeps your food items intact  and ensures easy cleanup after using the device, you can choose between both sandwich makers depending on your toasting and grilling needs. They operate on limited electricity and help save your electricity bills on a regular basis. They have fixed toasting and grilling plates with plastic safety handles to prevent burns or mishaps in the kitchen. They are also lightweight and easy to operate making them a good purchase within a budget.

Sandwich makes are meant for every family today, especially if you have a busy lifestyle and need to prepare food within minutes. You can try non-stick sandwich makers to ensure they last long and create food items without spillage over the appliance. Try them today to prepare delicious sandwiches on the go.