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7 Safety Tips for Using Room heaters

  • 3 October

  • 5 Minutes Read

Are room heaters safe?

And just like that, we are approaching the last few months of 2022. It’s the last quarter of the year, and it’s time to get ready for the bone-chilling winters. While the cold may be a respite from the hot and unbearable summers, this is also the season when you want to ensure you are well protected, warm and cosy. 

Especially if you live in the colder regions of the country, this would be the perfect time to start preparing for the cold with all the necessary heating equipment and woolens. One of the most essential requirements of the winter is a good room heater. A good room heater will not only protect you from the cold but will also ensure there is no harm caused. If you are worried about your room heater safety, you must invest in a Crompton room heater while following the room heater safety tips given below. You can also check out our detailed buying guide for room heaters, ensuring you have the right one picked for your space. 


Room heater safety tips

1. Place the room heater on the floor

One of the most basic space heater safety requirements is to place the heater on a levelled surface. You may want to keep the heater so that the warm air blows right into your face. However, this may not be a safe option. Placing it directly on the floor, not even on a rug, will ensure it is a safe room heater. Setting it on a table, stool, or wooden desk is an absolute no. While these scenarios may seem safe, there is a chance of the heater falling off and overheating, which can cause a fire.   


2. Keep the heater away from water

It’s almost like an unsaid rule that one of the most crucial space heater safety tips is to not let them come in contact with water or moisture. You should always place them somewhere away from any source of moisture. If you pick a safe space heater for bedroom or a safe space heater for nursery, you cannot place it in the bathroom or kitchen. Never use a room heater to dry your clothes or bedsheets as this could be a serious hazard if the fabric catches fire. 


3. Keep the space heater away from flammable objects

It is best to follow the three-foot rule. Even if you have the safest room heater, avoid placing it within three feet of anything flammable. Keep your heaters away from curtains, papers, furniture, pillows and bedding. Also, keep flammable objects like paint and matches away from your room heaters. Ensure there is no chance of any of these objects falling on the heater even when you aren’t around. 


4. Do not leave the space heater unattended 

Wondering if a room heater is harmful? Then the answer is no unless you leave it unattended. If you have children or pets, that would require you to keep an extra close eye on its operation. It’s best not to leave a room heater in a room within reach of children. Also, most room heaters should not be left on through the night. Oil-filled room heaters are a good option if you are looking for something that you can use through the night, as they emit warmth even after they shut off. Prolonged usage of heaters in a closed room can be dangerous as it can create carbon monoxide poisoning, which can cause headaches, dizziness and weakness.  


5. Ensure that the heater has safety features 

Some of the best room heaters come with impeccable safety features that ensure that no harm is caused even in case of a hazard. They have an automatic shut-off feature when the heater tips over.  The overheating sensors will shut off the heater if the temperature gets too hot. These features will shoo away the thoughts of if the room heater is safe


6. Inspect the room heater regularly

Regularly checking your room heater to ensure it’s clean and functioning well is also another safety tip you must follow. You want to make sure there is no damage caused to the heater body or the cord and whether it is heating sufficiently. In case you find something wrong, it is best to contact the service centre and get it resolved immediately. 


7. Check safety certifications of the room heater

When you buy a room heater, keep some things in mind. Pick one that is certified and is checked and cleared for sale. If the product has passed stringent quality checks, you will know it is safe to use. All Crompton products go through multiple checks and have received the required certifications. 

If you are looking at stocking up on the right appliances for the winter, then the Crompton room heaters and geysers have your back. Get your hands on products that you can rely on and stay warm this winter.