Rice Cooker Vs Pressure Cooker - Which One Should You Choose?

Rice Cookers Vs Pressure Cookers: Which One Should You Choose?

  • 26 March

In a world where all of your actions run by the clock, you need the right kitchen appliances to quicken things up. Electric rice cookers and pressure cookers stand out among all appliances to deliver delicious food in no time, but there is a vast difference between them. Both have their pros and cons, leaving you to battle the choices at hand so that you can make the final decision. Let’s see how this unfolds and understand who takes the trophy in a match between rice cookers vs pressure cookers.

What Is A Rice Cooker? How Does It Work? 

Before we go further, it’s important to understand ‘what is a rice cooker’ and ‘how does a rice cooker work’. This electric appliance comes with a large pot that has a heat source attached to it. You can monitor internal temperatures with the thermometer. It also comes with a lid, tenacious handles, a few buttons to help you control the temperature and a spoon that can serve rice. Cooking rice in a rice cooker guarantees precision and saves you time. You can even steam brown rice in a rice cooker without an ounce of hesitation and proceed to enjoy your meal. 


Invest In A Rice Cooker—Here’s Why


Cooks Rice Automatically 

A rice cooker comes with thermal sensors that automatically regulate temperatures inside the cooker. All you have to do is fill the cooker with rice and water, and the cooker will regulate the rest. In a few minutes, you will have well-cooked rice that is ready to serve. 


Cooks Rice In 15 minutes 

In today’s fast-paced world, time is the most important thing. One of the advantages of a rice cooker is that it takes only 15 minutes to steam rice. With a rice cooker, you can have fresh and cooked rice in no time.


Used To Make Different Types Of Rice 

A rice cooker can be used to make different varieties of rice like brown rice and wild rice. It prevents the rice from overheating and it can also be used to cook foods that have properties similar to that of rice like oatmeal and quinoa.


Simple To Use 

The biggest benefit of an electric rice cooker is that it is simple to use. All you have to do is, place your rice and water in the ratio 2:1 and click the button that says ‘ON’. Your rice cooker will take care of the rest for you. For more help on how to use a rice cooker, click to read!


Comes With A Non-Stick Base 

Another advantage of a rice cooker is that it comes with a Teflon-coated base. Teflon makes it easier to clean, removing any remnants of oil or grease. It also ensures that rice grains don’t get stuck to the base after cooking.


Switch To Warm Mode To Keep Your Rice Warm 

You don’t have to worry about keeping your rice warm for hours before your meal. You can pre-cook your rice and leave it in your cooker on warm mode.

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Rice Cookers Also Come With A Few Drawbacks 


They Are Not Very Versatile 

As the name suggests, a rice cooker is primarily used for rice preparations. It can also be used to make soups, boil vegetables, meat, lentils and a few other dishes that have a boiling point similar to that of rice.


The Non-stick Interior Limits its Usage 

One other disadvantage of an electric rice cooker is that its non-stick interior limits the number of metals that can be used to scoop the rice out from the base. Usually, spoons made with food-grade plastic material are safe to use. Metal cutlery could damage the Teflon coating on the base.


There is a Possibility of Rice Drying Out 

Some not-so-advanced rice cookers require you to tend to the vessel from time to time, and a small mistake could affect the quality of your rice. Lack of water can cause the rice to dry out, making it inedible.


Now that you know everything about a rice cooker’s disadvantages, let’s understand what pressure cookers bring to the table.


Advantages Of Pressure Cookers


More Versatile 

With a pressure cooker you’re not just limited to cooking a few veggies and rice, you can boil various types of meat and vegetables together and prepare lentils and stews in no time. Pressure cookers are all-in-one devices that have revolutionised the kitchen space and made cooking simpler.


Helps In Retaining Nutritional Value And Flavour 

The greatest benefit of a pressure cooker is that you don’t have to worry about losing nutrients and vitamins. This is because the food is cooked using high amounts of steam and pressure. Another advantage of a pressure cooker is that you can retain all flavours and juices in your food, too. 


Conserves Energy 

Pressure cookers harness energy inside them to fasten the cooking process. This also puts your pocket at ease giving you cheaper gas bills at the end of the month. 


Disadvantages Of Using A Pressure Cooker 


Demands Constant Supervision 

Unlike a rice cooker, a pressure cooker cannot be left all by itself while cooking. It needs constant supervision so that your food doesn’t get overcooked or mushy.


Could Be Unsafe If Not Used Carefully 

Another disadvantage of cooking in a pressure cooker is the pressure cooker’s level of safety. An unattended pressure cooker could cause damage if left on the stove for a longer period of time. This is why one must use it with great care and constantly supervise it. However, with the help of a pressure cooker safety valve that fuses at the right temperature, one can prevent any safety-related hazards.


Food Can Easily Get Overcooked 

A pressure cooker is a slippery slope for perfectionists to tread on. You cannot constantly check if your meal is cooked. For all newbies, it is advisable to use a pressure cooker cookbook to be able to predict the preparation time for your food.


So, What Should Be Your Cooker Of Choice? 

There are quite a few differences between a pressure cooker and a rice cooker. Both come with their own set of flaws and strengths and your choice depends on whether you’re looking specifically for an electric appliance that cooks rice or for an appliance that is more versatile. It is after considering all these factors that you can proclaim a winner in the battle of electric rice cookers vs pressure cookers.