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Reasons Why You Must Have An Induction Cooktop In Your Kitchen

  • 3 November

Reasons Why You Must Have An Induction Cooktop In Your Kitchen Reasons Why You Must Have An Induction Cooktop In Your Kitchen

The kitchen is an essential part of a house. It is like an artist’s workstation where wonders are created. The only difference comes with the fact that you can taste this art and fuel your body. Indian kitchens have evolved over the decades. With modern technology and innovations, today’s cooking has turned into a hassle-free and therapeutic experience. Induction cooktops are among the numerous kitchen appliances that have redefined the kitchen’s outlook and helped make the cooking experience more comfortable. Who doesn’t want pictures of their delicious homecooked meals up on Instagram? In fact, cooking is emerging as one of the biggest categories of trends on social media.

The induction cooktop is a masterpiece of technology and a great addition to your kitchen. Here are a couple of reasons why an induction cooktop is a must-have kitchen appliance:


Equipped With Latest Technology

Unlike a regular gas stove, an induction cooktop is equipped with the latest technology like superior heating and LED display. It ensures to uplift your cooking experience and helps you experiment with many cooking styles and cuisines. 


Provides Safety

The induction cooktop ensures comfort and safety. So whether you are a newbie in the kitchen or seasoned cook, an induction cooktop is extremely easy to operate and can be used by anyone. It also assures that you don’t get burn marks. Furthermore, this ease doesn’t come at the cost of compromising efficiency which makes the induction cooker a trustworthy kitchen appliance.


Keeps Your Kitchen Clean

Cooking on an induction cooktop leaves behind the traditional style of cooking when it comes to cleanliness. The cooktop stays clean and tidy without any stains of oil and gravy. If you spill anything on the cooktop, you need not worry about spending a lot of time cleaning it. 


Energy Efficient

Including an induction cooktop in your kitchen is a must when you want to save on your electricity consumption and bills. Whether you live alone or in a joint family, you should preferably opt for kitchen appliances that are not only energy-efficient but also environmentally responsible. Using a conventional gas means using direct resource reaching to your house with a gas pipeline or cylinder. This costs more while using an induction cooktop will save energy and reduce the cost for the long-run.


Reduces Cooking Time

One of the critical features of an induction cooktop is the speed at which you can cook. The introduction of the induction cooktop has redefined the cooking approach by ensuring the least amount of time is taken to prepare any dish.


How To Select The Best Induction Cooktop

The induction cooktop is better than the ordinary cooktop in multiple ways. However, knowing the benefits is not enough, searching and comparing the wide range of products will present you with the clarity you need to make a well-informed decision. 

If you are looking for the best induction cooktop in India, then Crompton is your one-stop solution. Crompton Induction cooktops are designed to consume less power and save more energy. The graphic designs on the faceplate of the cooktop also add up to the aesthetics of your kitchen. That’s not all. The toughened glass prevents breakage and ensures optimal safety. The LED display makes it easier to operate the induction cooktop. Another addition to the induction cooktop is the auto shut off feature that restricts the electricity after a particular time frame set by the user. The affordable induction cooktop price range makes Crompton the best induction cooktops for Indian kitchens.


Safety To Adhere While Using An Induction Cooktop

Induction cooktops use copper coils to produce electromagnetic force to produce heat to cook the food. So, it is essential to follow some safety regulations and remember a couple of dos and don’ts while using an induction cooktop.

Here are four ways to ensure the proper functioning of your induction cooktop


Ensure Proper Installation

Installing an induction cooktop is relatively easy and affordable. Most of the time, you can do it yourself without any difficulty. You can also install drawers below your induction cooktop and optimize the storage. However, you must ensure the proper installation, which includes checking the cooktop’s electricity connection and placement.  


Use Proper Utensils

Unlike a regular gas stove, cooking on an induction cooktop requires special utensils. It would help if you went for utensils that are induction friendly like iron and steel while avoiding utensils made up of copper and aluminium. Also, ensure to select utensils with a flat surface. 


Ensure Adequate Ventilation

Ventilation is a must-have in every kitchen. Irrespective of the type of cooktop you are using, there might be small droplets of oil and water that could accidentally spill on the kitchen surface and the appliance. It is necessary to install an exhaust fan in the kitchen to remove the steam from the kitchen and use a plain cloth to clean the cooktop. 


Make Sure To Maintain Cleanliness

Cleaning the induction cooktop is extremely important if you want to maintain it properly. There might not be stains but scratches on the surface might make your induction cooktop look old and dirty, so ensure to clean it every day.

Induction cooktops are a great addition to your kitchen and buying one has never been easier. So, if you want a hassle-free and time-saving option then induction cooktops are the right choice for you! If you wish to buy one, here’s everything you need to consider while buying an induction cooktop.