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Smart Air Cooler For The Summer

  • 27 May

Optimus 65 IoT - Air Cooler - Crompton Optimus 65 IoT - Air Cooler - Crompton

With the summer on the doorstep, it’s time to start looking for cooling solutions. You might already know about our premium Optimus range that has been designed for high performance keeping the needs of the Indian market in mind. The Optimus range has many good choices, whether you’re looking for a personal cooler, tower cooler or something bigger like window coolers. But now we have launched a new air cooler model that has all of the features you might want. Let’s introduce you to our latest desert cooler model – Crompton Optimus 65 IoT

Smart Control With MyCrompton App 

Desert coolers are known for being the most effective cooling option, especially for large spaces. But did you know you can get more than just superior cooling with a Crompton Optimus 65 IoT desert cooler? As you can tell from its name, this air cooler is an IoT device. It can connect to the internet for smart control. That’s right! You can control this smart air cooler right from your smartphone with the MyCrompton app. This app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Smart Air Cooler For The Summer, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Limited

Once the MyCrompton app is set up, you can remotely control the desert air cooler no matter where you are. You don’t need to get up and go to the air cooler to change fan speed and also you don’t need a separate remote. Have it switched on before you arrive home, put a timer for sleep or waking up, or simply schedule when it turns on or off. There is a wide range of possibilities with Optimus 65 IoT. 

Humidity Control 

One common complaint with air coolers is the humidity. Since air coolers operate by evaporating water, it increases humidity which is great for dry climates but can sometimes be uncomfortable. But what if you could control it? Now you can! Our Optimus 65 IoT desert cooler comes with humidity control so you can keep a check on the humidity levels in the room and optimize it to your needs. 

Unique Modes of Operation 

For those who want a little more flexibility in their cooling, the Optimus 65 IoT desert cooler also comes with two unique modes. The Eco Mode is great for those warm days when you don’t need extremely chilly air. This mode saves water and energy while providing moderate cooling. There’s also the Pre-Soak Mode for when you do need more efficient cooling. With the Pre-Soak, the cooling pads remain soaked to enable better cooling. 

PureShield Technology 

In these times, prevention from germs is more important and there’s greater attention paid to staying healthy and safe. This is why we’ve come up with the PureShield Technology for our smart air cooler that makes it more hygienic than ever. The PM 2.5 filter purifies the air by filtering particulate matter of 2.5 microns in width like smoke, mould spore, bacteria, germs, etc. Since germs can also linger on surfaces and spread, we’ve coated the most touched parts of the air cooler with N9 pure silver to make anti-bacterial knobs and panel. 

So don’t keep searching for the best air cooler in India. When you have a Crompton desert cooler, you will also get #JaldiCooling, even on the hottest days. Besides being equipped with these features and more, the smart air cooler Optimus 65 IoT has also been crafted with a stylish aesthetic so your cooling companion for the summer looks just as good as it cools. Ready to buy? You can find the Optimus 65 IoT air cooler online and have it delivered straight to your home.