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Mixer Grinder Vs Food Processor

  • 2 October

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Have you ever made the mistake of buying a kitchen appliance and realising that it is not the best investment for your money, or it’s not performing as you expected? It can be easy to get confused between the function of a mixer grinder and a food processor as they look and function very similarly. 

In addition, there are so many options and brands available today that add to our confusion. So, how can you know what’s the right choice for you? Let’s start by understanding the differences between mixer grinder vs food processor. 


What is a Food Processor?

A food processor has a wide bowl and a motor similar to that of a mixer grinder, which you may confuse with the other. It’s a kitchen appliance with several blades that allow you to slice, mince, dice, chop, and grate vegetables, fruits, and meat. A food processor makes cooking faster and more efficient. 


What’s the Difference?

The basic difference between mixer grinders and food processors is that a mixer is used to blend, knead, or grind ingredients. Whereas a food processor is used for chopping and slicing the ingredients. 

While deciding which appliance to purchase for your home, it is important to understand the functions of food processors and how they differ from mixer grinders. Let’s take a look at a few key characteristics of both appliances to help you get a clear understanding. 


Functions of a Mixer Grinder

1. You can use a mixer grinder for grinding dry foods like nuts and spices.

2. You can also use it to grind wet foods and curate purées from tomatoes and ginger garlic pastes. 

3. A mixer grinder is also useful for blending juices. With this appliance, you can make mocktails and fresh fruit juices effortlessly!

4. Curating delicious batters for idli, vada, and dosa is no difficult task in a mixer.


Functions of a Food Processor

1. With a food processor machine, you can efficiently dice vegetables, fruits, and meat into fine pieces.

2. You can also mince meat as a result of the fine blades of a food processor. 

3. Vegetables, fruits, and other cooking ingredients can be chopped or sliced according to your preference.

4. You can also mix and grind a variety of ingredients to cook your favourite dishes.


Ease of Use 

Using a mixer grinder saves you all the time you would otherwise spend blending and grinding by hand. It’s also less tiring and you can enjoy yourself during the cooking process.  Mixers are very easy to clean with Crompton’s tips up your sleeves!

With a food processor, you can knead stiff dough and chop vegetables with little effort from your end. Preparing a meal becomes more enjoyable at an affordable rate with a food processor!


Space and Attachment of Both Appliances 

Look for food processors that come in compact sizes and various speed levels. They would provide the best results and fit into your kitchen easily. Look for several discs and bowls as they help you slice ingredients in varying levels of thickness.

At the same time, our mixer grinders are also compact and easy to place into your kitchen. If you’re looking for something that doesn’t take up space and provides several benefits, we have the right choice for you!


Power Consumption 

Mixers require minimum power to function and are available in multiple power options starting from 251 Watts and going up to 750 Watts.

Food processors are comparatively compact. However, you must find one with a 4 Star Energy Rating and look out for the power options. This will help you make an energy-friendly decision!


Price of a Mixer Grinder and a Food Processor

Usually, food processors are available at a cost-friendly price of 8,000/- approximately.

On the other hand, the mixers range from high-powered models priced at 7000/- to mini mixer grinders priced at 3500/-.


Benefits of mixer grinder

1. Versatile kitchen appliance as you can make a variety of different recipes whether sweet or savoury 

2. Uncomplicated and easy to use

3. Crompton’s mixer grinders run longer since they have a 100% copper motor

4. Our MaxiGrind technology ensure the finest grind every single time


Food processor benefits

1. Easy to use for ones with mobility issues.

2. They aid you in saving time and energy.

3. Food processors come with specially designed blades to chop all foods with precision.

4. The appliance also provides long-term durability. 


Before you purchase any kitchen appliances, make sure you do your homework and understand the difference between a food processor and a mixer grinder so you can make the right decision for your home.

While searching for appliances, opt for something that offers the right food processor benefits or mixer grinder advantages.

Crompton provides the best Indian mixer grinder that can do wonders for your cooking experience. Purchase now for a luxurious and comfortable way of cooking! To buy the right mixer grinder, read our guide.

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